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Sociology in Modules CH10

In 1995, the federal Glass Ceiling Commission found that glass ceilings
continue to block women and minority men from top management positions in the nation's industries.
Which of the following illustrates institutional discrimination?
To save money, a city fires all employees hired during the last three years. During the last three years, the city has had an aggressive minority-hiring program, and the majority of those fired are therefore members of various minority groups.
Which sociological perspective views race from the macrolevel and purports the economic structure as a central factor in the exploitation of minority groups?
conflict perspective
Minority group members have a strong sense of group solidarity. Which sociologist noted that individuals make distinctions between members of their own group, or the in-group, and everyone else, or the out-group?
William Graham Sumner
Which of the following statements about racial groups in the U.S. is true?
A. all of these- Correct Answer
B. Throughout history, many Southern states defined a person as Black, regardless of how s/he looked, if s/he had "only a single drop of Black blood".
C. The largest multiracial group is of White and Native-American ancestry.
D. Over six million people in the U.S. are multiracial.
Institutional discrimination is the
denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals or groups that results from the normal operations of society.
Which of the following terms refers to a political philosophy, promoted by many younger Blacks in the 1960s, which supported the creation of Black-controlled political and economic institutions?
Black Power
Exploitation theory is useful for discussing the experiences of which minority group(s) in the U.S.?
both Japanese Americans and Chinese Americans
Acts of racial profiling are
initiated by law enforcement officers.
Joe grew up in an Italian household in an Italian community in New Jersey. He believes that the traditional Italian celebration of Easter, which includes a large number of family members and mountains of food consumed during a long dinner, is the best way to celebrate this holiday. Joe is illustrating
Which sociologist has used the exploitation theory to explain the basis of racial subordination in the U.S.?
both Oliver Cox and Robert Blauner
An approach to racism which emphasizes that racism keeps minorities in low-paying jobs, thereby supplying the capitalist ruling class with a pool of cheap labor, is based on the work of which classical theorist?
Karl Marx