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Chapter 31 position and draping for physical exam.
Patient lies flat, face upward, legs supported by foot rest.
Supine uses for examination
Frontal portion of the body - heart, breast, abdominal organs.
Dorsal Recumbent
Patient lies on back, face upward, flexing knees, feet flat on table.
Dorsal Recumbent uses for examination
Rectal, vaginal, perneal,
On back, knees sharply flexed, buttocks to edge of table, feet supported in stirrups
Lithotomy uses for examination
primarily for vaginal examination.
Patient sits, table brought to 90 degrees, sit on edge of table.
Fowler uses for examination
Head, neck, chest, and for patients who have difficulty breathing.
Patient sitting in a 45 degree angel.
Semi-Fowler uses for examination
post surgical exams, patient with breathing disorders, elevated temp, suffering head trauma or pain.
Lie face down
Prone uses for examination
back and some surgical procedures.
Placed on left side, right arm flexed upward for support, right leg sharply flexed, left leg slightly flexed, buttocks toward edge of table.
Sims uses for examination
rectal exam, rectal temp reading, insertion of rectal medication, perinal and pelvic exams.
Knee Chest
Rest knees on chest on the table, head to the side, buttocks extended up in the air. Never leave patient.
Knee chest uses for examination
Sigmoid, rectal, vaginal exams.
Lying on back face upward, table raise 30 degrees at legs.
Trendelenburg uses for examination
Shock, low blood pressure, abdominal surgery.