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How many states are required to ratify the Constitution?
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True or False: The original Constitution allow the president to have limited Terms.False: The Original Constitution had No limit on the number of termsWhich president set a 2 term precedent?George WashingtonWhich Amendment limited the number of terms a president could serve22 AmendmentWhich president served more than two terms?Franklin D. RooseveltWhat is the only other executive office created by the Constitution?The Vice president_______ is the only state that legislatures only work 140 days every other year and are paid a $7,000 salary?TexasHow old must you be to serve in the California Legislature?18 years oldHow does the Governor of California veto power differ from the president?Line Item VetoTrue or False: In California, the Governor and Lt. Governor always of the same political party?False: The Governor and Lt. Governor ARE NOT always of the same political party20. Who are the California Governor and Lt. Governor?Governor Brown & Lt. NewsomeTrue or False: The Constitution discusses buearucury?False: The Constitution DOES NOT discusses buearucury.Beauraucracy has grown so complex and gained so much autonomy that our form of government is often referred to as?Administrative StateDefine the argument for a single executive?-Where does the president get his power from?The ConstitutionWho is in charge of the Executive Office of the President?Chief of StaffWho is the current Secretary of State?John KerryWhat is the most recent cabinet level department created?Department of Homeland SecurityHow many cabinet departments are there?15Who has the power to declare War?CongressHow many presidents have been impeached?TwoTrue or False: NO president has been removed from office due to impeachment?True: No president has been removedWho are the Supreme Court Justices that were appointed by President Obama?Sonya Sotomayor and Elena KaganWhat is the biggest source of revenue for the federal government?Income TaxWhat level of government establishes sales tax?States and LocalitiesIn the general election who chooses the president?Electoral CollegeIf the case that no one wins a majority of the electoral votes who chooses the president?House of Representatives chooses between the top threeWhat Latin motto is on the Great Seal of the United States?E Pluribus UnumTrue or False: Puerto Ricans are Citizens of the United States.True: Puerto Ricans are CitizensWhat Amendment defines citizenship?14th AmendmentWho were the first people excluded from immigrating to the U.S.?The ChineseWhy was T. Jefferson the only one worried about open and unrestricted immigration?He was afraid that people from Europe who lived under monarchies would bring principles with themHow long must you be a citizen to serve in the U.S. Senate?9 yearsHow long must you be a citizen to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives?7 yearsHow long must you be a citizen to be the president of the U.S.?Must be a Natural Born CitizenThe text discusses that citizens know more about the Federal government that their State government, why?The media highlight the federal government more than the state governments.In what court case did the SCOTUS state that Congress could charter a national bank that could not be taxed by the state?McCulloch v. MarylandWhat policies or laws vary from state to state?Gambling laws, gun laws, speed laws, safety laws, education lawsWhat Amendment allowed Congress to levy a personal income tax?16th AmendmentWhat Amendment allowed for the expansion of federal law enforcement efforts?18th AmendmentList the four elements of good citizenship?a. Self-restraint b. Self-reliance c. Civic knowledge d. Civic participationBased on the 14th Amendment why were Indians on reservations or children of diplomats not U.S. citizens?They are subject to different jurisdictionsDifferent categories of legal immigration?a. Refugees b. Family members of citizens c. Employment d. Diversity (from countries with low rates of immigration)What event brought about the rapid settlement of California and its entry in the U.S.?The Gold RushWhat group was primarily discriminated against under the California Constitution of 1879?The ChineseWas the California Constitution of 1879 the first Constitution?No- the first Constitution was in 1849What are the two houses of Congress Called and who hold the majority power in each?The Senate Democrats Hold Majority Power & House of Representatives Republicans Hold Majority PowerThe Constitution specifies that each state must have at least ______________ representative.At Least One Per StateResident of a state or district that is represented by a representative what is known as a ____________.ConstituteLaw makers that exercise their judgment independent of their constitutes is called ___________.A TrusteeWhat type of legislation must originate in the House of Representatives?Revenue IncreasesWhen at least one party holds a majority in one house of Congress that is different from the President this is known as ______________.Divided GovernmentUnder the Constitution, who presides over the senate?The Vice President Presides over the SenateWhat is the name of the Congress member who counts the votes for upcoming measures?WhipWhat appointee is currently going through the appointment process?Chuck HagelHow many branches were there under the Articles of Confederation?OneWhat states did not send a delegate to the Constitutional Convention?Rhode Island and DelawareWho is known as the father of the Constitution?James MadisonWhat plan was the basis for the Constitution?The Virginia PlanWho were the two famous delegates at the Constitutional Convention?Ben Franklin and George WashingtonWhat event shut down the judiciary and showed the weakness of the federal government under the Articles of Confederation?Shays Rebellion______________ was a former slave who became the foremost black leader and orator of his time.Frederick Douglass_____________ was the first African American to serve on the United State Supreme Court.Justice ThurgoodArticle 4 Section 2 of the United States Constitution is known as _____________.Fugitive Slave Clause____________ is a democracy that works to secure the rights of it citizens and thus promote their liberty, freedoms.Liberal DemocracyIn the context of the Declaration of Independence, what is prudence?Practical Wisdom_____________ was the most influential political philosopher to the American founding fathers "laws of nature and nature's God."John LockeWhat made the American Revolution unique from other revolutions ______________.Self-GovernorshipWhat are the three natural rights listed in the Declaration of Independence?Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of HappinessWhat is the purpose of Government?To Secure RightsWho was the principle Author of the Declaration of Independence?Thomas JeffersonWhat was the cause of Shays Rebellion?Economic Strife among poor farmers.______________ was the compromise between large and small states at the Constitutional Convention, according to which population would be the basis for the first branch of the new national legislature and the equality of the states in the second.The Great CompromiseUnder the ORIGINAL Constitution, members of the Senate were...Chosen by the State LegislatureCongress can't establish a national religion this is known as ___________.Establishment ClauseThe freedom to Patrice what every religion you want is known as __________.Free Exercise ClauseJudicial order given to an official is called a __________________.Writ of MandamusA _________ case violates law, while a ________ case sues for harm.Criminal Case, Civil CaseBeyond a reasonable doubt is known as _____________Standard of ProofWho assigns the number of Supreme Justice what is the current number?Congress Assigns, Current number 9Cases that are brought to the Supreme Court is known as _________Writ of CertiorariA Friend of the court is called _____________. This is a way for outside parties to be heard.Amicus CuriaeMajority of the Judges Agree is called ____________.Majority OpinionExplanation of judges explaining why the disagree is called ___________.Dissenting OpinionJudges that agree but for different reason is called _____________.Concurring OpinionWhat are the Phase of Election?Primary and GeneralBeing able to vote for any party is known as ___________.Open PrimaryBeing only able to vote for one party is known as _________.Close PrimaryTo Win the Prisedency you must have ______ Electoral Votes?270How many Electoral Votes are there?538When Citzens make their own law and vote one it this is called an ____________.InitiativeWhen the houses passes a law and the citzens vote on them this is called a ___________.ReferendumWhen an official removed before the term this is called a _________.Recall