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Slavery in the Colonies

Flashcards for our Slavery in the Colonies lesson
What was the Atlantic slave trade?
Enslaved Africans sent to the Americas
Which colony was the first to legalize slavery?
By which year was their slavery in all 13 British colonies?
Why did colonists want slaves?
believed they were needed for economic growth
How did the slave codes help to increase the number of slaves in the colonies?
said any captive African, including Christian, could be enslaved
What kinds of work did enslaved Africans do?
skilled work, field work, house work
Who owned more slaves in the colonies?
Southern colonists
Who owned more slave ships in the colonies?
Northern colonists
How did enslaved Africans pass on their culture?
traditional stories, work songs, spirituals
How did slaves fight back against their owners?
slowed work, broke/lost tools, escaped
What did enslaved Africans hope to achieve by rebelling against their owners?
gain freedom, find family members
Where did two violent slave revolts take place in the colonies?
New York City, South Carolina