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En choisissant

by choosing

En partant

by leaving

En sortant

by going out

En prenant

by taking

En utilisant

by using

En devenant

by becoming

En le disant

by saying it

En étant

by being

En ayant

by having

En le sachant

by knowing it (a fact)

En mettant

by putting

En créant

by creating

En faisant

by making

En la connaissant

by knowing her

En voyant

by seeing

En allant

by going

En présentant

by presenting

En devant

by having to

En accomplissant

by accomplishing

En nageant

by swimming

En parlant

by speaking

En réussissant

by succeeding

En conduisant

by driving

En mettant en vedette

by featuring

En le montant

by climbing it

En l'envoyant

by sending it

En lui montrant

by showing to him

En se souvenant

by remembering

En les comprenant

by understanding them

En nous ciblant

by targeting us

En attirant

by attracting

En lisant

by reading

en mettant en vedette

by featuring

en signalant

by pointing out

en appuyant

by supporting, backing up

en encourageant

by encouraging

en endossant

by endorsing

en soulignant

by stressing

en remarquant

by noticing

en fabriquant

by manufacturing

en captant

by capturing

en y allant

by going there

en visant

by focussing

en les ciblant

by targeting them

en étant efficace

by being effective

en vantant

by promoting

en les endossant

by endorsing them

en encourageant

by encouraging

en lui faisant appel

by appealing to him

en cherchant un témoignage

by looking for a testimonial

en soulignant un style de vie enviable

by emphasizing an enviable lifestyle

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