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east to west

in which direction does a parallel or line of latitude run?

Pacific Ocean

In which ocean is japan located?


Find a location in word for each letter of the word GEOGRAPHY.

Arctic Ocean

The Northern part of Russia bordes which ocean?

Between mainland Southern Asia and Australia

The world's largest archipelago, or group of islands, is the Maya Archipelago. Where is the Maya Archipelago?


Two days a year, around March 21 and September 21, all places on earth have twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of night. What is the name given to these days?

Asia and Europe

Which 2 continents share the same landmass in the Eastern hemisphere?

the opposite of moisture-laden is called monsoon winds

Moisture-laden winds blowing from the ocean to the land give India very wet summers. In the winter the winds blow in the opposite direction, and it is dry. What are these winds called?

An animometer is a device that measures the speed of wind.

What is an animometer?

A weather vane tells you what direction the wind is coming from and it also tells you if you are going the right direction.

What does a weather vane tell you?

China because it is a country not a continent.

Which term does not belong: Asia, China, or Australia? Why?

Arctic Ocean

Which is the only ocean through which the equator does not pass?

Lake Baikal

The worlds deepest lake is just north of Mongolia in Russia. What is the name?

Ura mountians and river

Mountians and a river with the same name form most of the boundary between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. What is the name?

Bengal Bay

The Ganges River, in Southern Asia, has its source in the Himalayas in northern India and empties into which bay?

Falling Water

What is precipatation?

Snow, Sleat, Hail, Rain, and Fog

Name as many types of precipatation as you can.

North and South Koria

Which Eastern Asian countries occupy the Choson Penninsula between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan?


In which direction would you travel to go from Sri Lanka to China?

Rocky and Andes Mountians

The Himalaya is major mountian range in Asia. What are two other examples of major mountian ranges on other continents?


What percentage of the world's population lives in China?


What is the capitol of Indonesia?

Lat.-43N Long.- 113E

What is the lat. and long. of Bejing

China S and Russia N

Which 2 countrys border mongolia and which directions do the lie?

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