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Chapter 12: Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood

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1. Linguistic: Sensitivity to the sounds, rhythms, and meaning of words and the functions of language. End-State Performance Possibilities: Poet, journalist.
2. Logico- Mathematical: Sensitivity to, and capacity to detect, logical or numeral patterns; ability to handle long chains of logical reasoning.
End-State Performance Possibilities: Mathematician
3. Musical: Ability to produce and appreciate pitch, rhythm (or melody) and aesthetic quality of the forms of musical expressiveness. End State Performance Possibilities: Instrumentalist, composer.
4. Spatial: ability to perceive the visual- spatial world accurately, to perform transformations on those perceptions, and to re-create aspects of visual experience in the absence of relevant stimuli. End State Performance Possibilities: Sculptor, navigator
5. Bodily- Kinesthetic: Ability to use the body skillfully for expressive as well as goal-directed purposes; ability to handle objects skillfully. End State Performance Possibilities: Dancer, Athlete
6. Naturalist: Ability to recognize and classify all varieties of animals, minerals, and plants. End State Performance Possibilities: Biologist
7. Interpersonal: Ability to detect and respond appropriately to the moods, temperaments, motivations, and intentions of others. End of State Performance Possibilities: Therapist, salesperson
8. Intrapersonal: Ability to discriminate complex inner feelings and to use them to guide one's own behavior; knowledge of one's own strengths, weaknesses, desires, and intelligences. End of Stat Performance Possibilities: person with detailed, accurate, self-knowledge