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Arirang's Let's Speak Korean, Lesson 7. (아리랑의 Let's Speak Korean, 수업7)




to have something


right side


left side

어디예 있어요

where is something (full length form)

어디 있어요

where is something


where is something (shortened form)

오른쪽에 있어요

it's on the right

왼쪽에 있어요

it's on the left

앞에 있어요

it's in front

뒤에 있어요

it's in back / it's behind

동대문은 어디 있어요?

Where is Dongdaemun? / Where is Dongdaemun market?

김영씨가 어디예요?

Where is Kim Young? (씨 is added for respect, Kim Young-ssi)

topic particle, object marker, as for

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