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The War and Total War

What was the Socialist POV on WWI?
Although they were long derided "imperialist war" as a blow against the common interests that united the working classes of all countries, nationalism made them everywhere drop strikes and workers expressed a romantic desire to fight for their country.
How was World War I the Great Romantic War in the beginning?
Families though their soldiers would be back by Christmas (in weeks) because of how long the wars of the past hundred years were.
What was the battle(s) that brought trench warfare?
First Battle of the Marne
Because the Great War went past Christmas, it became known as what?
The War of Attrition
What battle(s) made Russia no longer a major German threat?
Battle of Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes
What two battles illustrated the failure of tactics, technology, and goals?
Battle of Verdun and Somme
What was (poorly) introduced at the Battle of Somme?
What was the area between the trenches called?
'no man's land'
What was the name of the system of not killing people when for example when they were doing "their business?"
'live and let live'
What was an example of media that was an illustration of personal life and standard of living in trenches?
BEF Times
What was the bad part(s) of the Allies in 1917?
Italy was devastated in battle and Russia had a second revolution and eventually dropped out of the war.
What was the good part(s) of the Allies in 1917?
The United States entered
What country later in the war entered WWI for Germany?
Ottoman Empire
Why did Italy switch sides?
Britain promised further Italian acquisition of Austrian territory (Italia Irredenta)
What was the importance of Lawrence of Arabia?
He led the Ottoman revolt in 1917 when British forces from Egypt destroyed the rest of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East.
What country got involved in World War I just for Imperial aspects?
What important battle made the German dreadnaughts stuck in the Baltic Sea, useless?
Battle of Jutland
What happened on April 6, 1917?
The United States entered World War I for the Allies
What was Woodrow Wilson's reasoning for getting involved in World War I?
Democracy (Good) vs. Autocracy (Evil)
The British blockade on the British caused the Germans to do what with their U-boats?
Unrestricted submarine warfare
What did the Battle of Jutland cause to the US?
Increased British propaganda
What was sent by Germany to Mexico (intercepted by GB) to go to war to the USA?
Zimmerman Note
What were the naval battles from 1914 to 1918 collectively called?
Battle of the Atlantic
Total war allowed what of the state?
Nickname for 1916?
The Great Slaughter/Year of Slaughter
What was used in England for supercentralization and the military?
What was the important act by Parliament that basically said we can do whatever we can to keep England stablized?
DORA (Defence of the Realms Act)
What were three new methods of transportation in the war effort?
Airplanes, Zeppelins, and tanks
What caused the nationalization of transportation systems and industries?
End of free market laissez faire
Who organized the War Raw Materials Board?
Walter Rathenau
What was the point of the War Raw Materials Board?
It would allocate strategic raw materials to produce the goods that were the most needed and allowed German war machines to be effectively supplied.
How was Germany worse off than Great Britain on the homefront?
Geopolitical position and British blockade = no food created an atmosphere for revolution
How was Great Britain better off than Germany on the homefront?
Geopolitical position, no battles taking place there, DORA = no revolution, and they're just a boss
What was the Auxiliary Service Law?
It required all male noncombatants between 17-60 to work only in jobs deemed crucial to the war effort.
Who are the two big military guys in Germany during World War I?
Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff
What was the Ministry of Munitions?
Done by David Lloyd George and DORA, it used factors of productions toward war and took numerous steps to ensure that private industry would produce war materiel at limited profits
What was the public dissent in Great Britain and give a piece of evidence?
Irish people and the Easter Rebellion
What was the dissent in Austria-Hungary?
Czech rebellion
What did George Clemenceau in France do with public dissent?
Put restrictions on civil liberties
What made Germans seem evil?
Propaganda and yellow journalism
What social class was economically destroyed from World War I?
Middle class
What was given to women as a result from World War I?
The economy in World War I
To what extent were the labor benefited?
Governments accepting collective bargaining and trade unions
Despite their efforts on the homefront in World War I, who still didn't have equal rights at the end of WWI?
What two groups brought Public Dissent during World War I?
Socialists and Liberals