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what does piggies auntie have

candy store

why can't piggy swim


what was used to start the fire at first

piggies specs

how does Ralph hurt Piggies feelings

he tells everybody piggies name

how old is ralph


what does Ralph use to call a meeting

a conch

how old is the youngest


what are the twins names

sam and eric

who is the lord of the flies

the devil

what gave piggy diarrhea


why does jack think he should be the leader

he can sing a C sharp

who are the hunters

the Choir

who helps Ralph build huts


who keeps the fire going the first week


who keeps the fire going the second week


what will make more smoke

green branches

what are the kids afraid of

the snake (beastie)

what gives piggy the right to speak


who had the Idea to blow the conch


what animals are there to eat


why did jack really not stab the pig

he was civilized

why did jack claim he did not stab the pig

he was choosing where to strike

what was piggies job

to get all of the names

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