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Ms. Penna English Regs Romeo and Juliet (Character List)

Lord Montague

father of Romeo

Lady Montague

mother of Romeo

Romeo Montague

main character; lover of Juliet Capulet


Romeo's friend (character traits: loyal friend, peace-maker, caring, helpful)


Romeo's friend (character traits: comical, light-hearted)

Balthasar and Abram

servants to Romeo

Lord Capulet

father of Juliet (character traits: cares about other peoples opinions of him)

Lady Capulet

mother of Juliet (character traits: cares about other peoples opinoins of her, not completley committed to helping Juliet do what's best for her in marriage, but moreover the wealthiest and most prestigous offer)

Juliet Capulet

main character; lover of Romeo Montague (age 14 as of Act I)


Juliet's nanny (character traits: cares for Juliet and has her best interest, but lets her learn on her own, excited, bubbly)


nephew to Lady Capulet, Juliet's cousin (character traits: angry, resentful, stubborn nature)

Sampson and Gregory

servants to Capulets

Prince Escalus

prince of Verona

Friar Laurence

priest of Montagues

Count Paris

Juliet's soon-to-be husband (character traits: envious, controlling, demanding, interested in marrying Juliet for her beauty and not so much personality)

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