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  1. VERB - to give a detail ed account of NOUN -- A second count, as of the vote in an election
  2. VERB -- to draw or to cause
  3. ADJ -- 1) real, being what it seems to be 2) honest; sincere
  4. ADJ -- serious and important; not light and playful
  5. VERB -- to disagree NOUN the expression of a difference of option
  6. ADJ -- exciting stimulating

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  1. controversialADJ -- causing controversy


  2. exhilarationNOUN -- Excitement; a state of elation


  3. anguishNOUN -- extreme pain of the body or main. VERB to suffer extreme doubts or uncertainties.


  4. exhilarateVERB -- to excite; to cause to feel lively


  5. hoaxADV -- away from one's own country


  6. commendVERB -- 1) to speak of with approval; to praise 2) to put in the care of