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large slums in urban areas of Brazil


lacking access to the ocean, surrounded by land


colonists received land from Spanish monarchs and were given the right to the labor of Indian workers


partially enclosed body of water where salty seawater and freshwater mix


Argentine cowboys


capital of Uruguay

Gran Chaco

Flat, low plains south of the Brazilian Plateau


wide, grassy plains of central Argentina


trade organization that promotes economic cooperation amont South American members


capital of Brazil

Portugal and Spain

Uruguay has been ruled by

The Amazon and Parana

drain most of the region


people in Paraguay are mestizos

soil exhaustion

occurs when repeated planting of the same crops causes soil to lose nutrients


Argentina gained independence from Spain after a long period of violence and wars occurred

Buenos Aires

Capital of Argentina

moist tropical climates

northern and coastal areas of Atlantic South America


climate that is not found in Atlantic South America


the official language of Uruguay


Brazil won indepence from Portugal


provides natural rubber, wood, food, medicinal plants, and other products


migrants who probably settled Brazil first

Carnival, samba, and feijoada

elements that make up Brazil's culture

Paraguay River

seperates Paraguay into two regions and runs past its capital

Argentina's government

includes an elected president and elected legislature

Cordoba and Sao Paula

you cannot find these in the Amazon rain forest

Argentina's culture

milonga, beef, and Roman Catholicism


occupies nearly half of the South American continent


Brazil's poorest region

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