Chemical Reactions

Chemical Equation
A symbolic way of describing a chemical reaction
Skeleton Equation
A chemical equation that does not indicate the amounts of substances involved
A substance that speeds up the rate of a reaction
Numbers used to balance a chemical equation
Balanced Equation
An equation in which each side has the same number of atoms of each element
Substances that undergo chemical change
New substances formed in a chemical reaction
Combination Reaction
A reaction in which two or more substances combine to form a single substance
Decomposition Reaction
Reaction in which a single compound is broken down into two or more products
Single-Replacement Reaction
Reaction in which atoms of one element replace atoms of a second element in a compound
Combustion Reaction
Reaction of a compound with oxygen to produce energy
Complete Ionic Equation
Equation that shows dissolved ionic compounds as free ions
Spectator Ions
Ions that do not participate in a reaction
Net Ionic Equation
Equation that indicated only the particles that take part in a reaction
Solid product of reaction in solution
Aqueous Reaction
Reaction that occurs in water
Ionic Solubility Rules
Used to predict whether a precipitate will form an aqueous reaction