Vocabulario de "La noche boca arriba"

58 terms by kristaweirich

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boca arriba



to raise


to prevent

la calzada

the roadway


to swerve

el desmayo, desmayar

the fainting spell, to faint

soportar, aguantar

to tolerate


to belong to

alentar, animar

to encourage


to joke around

preguntar por

to ask about/after

los rasguños

the scratches

la cortadura

the cut

la ceja

the eyebrow


to drip

oler a pantano; Huele a guerra

to smell like a marsh; it smells like war

las marismas

the marshes

la mazmorra

the dungeon

andar a caza

to hunt

apartarse de

to stray from

el puñal

the dagger


to crouch


to burn


to cover up


to stand erect

las ciénagas

the swamps

el sendero, la senda

the path

Voy rumbo a casa

I'm going in the direction of my home

la pesadilla

the nightmare

el brazo enyesado

the arm in a cast

clavarle una gruesa aguja

to stick a thick needle

un frasco

a bottle

la almohada blanda

the soft pillow

el caldo de apio

a broth of celery

un trozo de pan

a slice of bread

las ramas de los arbustos lo azotaron

the bush branches beat/whipped him


to pant

aferrar el amuleto

to grasp the amulate

los bienes materiales

the goods, possessions

la plegaria

the prayer

hundir en el barro

to sink in the clay

el rastro

the tracks

la soga

the rope




to surround

el acoso

the chase, harrassment


to hold

el hueco

the hole, the void

el pozo

the well


to yank off, pull off

las hogueras

the bonfires

el acólito

the altar boy

el sacerdote

the priest

el pasadizo

the passageway


to haul

el vaivén

the comings and goings


to moan, groan


to hurry up

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