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AP Latin Review: Vocabulary Used 5x


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ōra, -ae, f.
shore, coast, region, border
mōlēs, mōlis, f.
mass, burden, heap, structure; difficulty
laetus, -a, -um
happy; fertile; fat, sleek
impōnō, -pōnere, -posuī, -positus
to place upon, set to, impose (+dat.), establish
antrum, -ī, n.
cave, cavern, grotto
puppis, -is, f.
stern; ship, vessel, galley
īmus, -a, -um
superl. of īnferus: lowest, the lowest part of
aperiō, aperīre, aperuī, apertus
to open, disclose, reveal
lateō, latēre, latuī
to lie hidden, hide, lurk, escape the notice (of)
vertex, verticis, m.
peak, summit, head, top; whirlpool
meanwhile, (in the) meantime
(+acc.) after, behind; afterward, next
sors, sortis, f.
lot, destiny, portion, oracle, fate
to this place, hither, here
fīnis, -is, m./f.
end, limit, border; country; goal; starting-place
mīror, -ārī, -ātus
to wonder (at), admire
surgō, surgere, surrēxī, surrēctus
to raise, rise, arise, spring up, surge
tacitus, -a, -um
silent, noiseless, secret, still
dēmittō, -mittere, -mīsī, -missus
to send down, let down, drop, lower, derive
equally, side by side, alike
gemitus, -ūs, m.
groan, groaning, wail, wailing, lament, moan
līmen, līminis, n.
threshold, doorway, entrance; abode; shrine; palace
somnus, -ī, m.
sleep; Somnus, -ī, m., Sleep, Slumber (personified as a divinity)
comes, comitis, m./f.
comrade, follower, companion
lūmen, lūminis, n.
light, lamp; eye; life
misereor, miserērī, miseritus
to pity, commiserate (+gen.)
appellō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus
to call, name, call by name, accost
animus, -ī, m.
mind, intellect; feelings; character; spirit, soul; (pl.) resolution, courage
initium, -ī, n.
beginning, commencement, origin; edge (of a country), borders
obtineō, -tinēre, -tinuī, -tentus
to hold, retain, possess, maintain; acquire, obtain
cōnfirmō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus
to establish, strengthen, encourage, console; declare, assert
profectiō, -tiōnis, f.
a setting out; start, departure
probō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus
to consider good, approve; prove, show, demonstrate
ēripiō, -ripere, -ripuī, -reptus
to snatch (from), tear away; rescue; hasten
incitō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus
to set in motion; excite, arouse, urge on, stimulate; exasperate; cursū incitātō, at full speed
quisque (m/f), quidque OR quisque, quaeque, quodque
each one, each; everyone, all
quā (adv.)
by which way or route, in some way, in any way; in which place, where
or, either, even; vel . . . vel, either . . . or
patior, patī, passus
to endure, withstand, suffer; permit, allow
licet, licēre, licuit / licitum est
(impers.) it is lawful, one has permission, it is permitted, one may, one is allowed; licet mihi I may; petere ut liceat, to ask permission
facultās, -tātis, f.
power; opportunity, chance; resources, supply
equitātus, -ūs, m.
cavalry, horeseman
magnitūdō, -tūdinis, f.
size, large size, greatness, extent
rēmus, -ī, m.
quīcumque, quaecumque, quodcumque
whoever, whatever; whosoever, whatsoever, any . . . whatever; everyone who, everything that
subsidium, -ī, n.
sitting in reserve; reserve forces, reserves; help, aid, assistance
comprehendō, -prehendere, -prehendī, -prehēnsus OR comprendō, -prendere, -prēndī, -prēnsus
to grasp or lay hold of, seize, catch, arrest, take, catch (fire)
coniciō, -icere, -iēcī, -iectus
to throw; put
tempestās, -tātis, f.
time, season; weather; unusually bad weather, storm, tempest
necessārius, -a, -um
necessary, requisite, pressing; with tempus, critical; subst., friend, relative
complūrēs, -ēs, -ia
several, many; a great many
rūrsus (adv.)
again, anew, back(ward)
intermittō, -mittere, -mīsī, -missus
to send between; intervene, separate; abate, cease, let up, discontinue; delay, neglect, omit; let pass
cōnsuētūdō, -tūdinis, f.
habit, custom, practice; mode of life, "lifestyle"
novus, -a, -um
new, novel; unusual, fresh, recent; rēs novae, a change of government, revolution; novissimus, -a, -um, latest, last; as noun or with agmen, those in the rear, the rear
interim (adv.)
meanwhile, in the meantime
collocō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus
to place, set, station; arrange
dīmittō, -mittere, -mīsī, -missus
to send out, scatter, dismiss, lose
moror, morārī, morātus
to delay, hinder, hesitate
ibi (adv.)
there, in that place
opposite, facing, against, in reply to (+acc.); opposite, facing, in reply
procul (adv.)
far, at a distance, (from) afar
praemium, -ī, n.
distinction, prize, reward
disciplīna, -ae, f.
learning, discipline; instruction, teaching; system