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always included in wound assessment documentation

location, color, drainage, temperature, pain


wound edges brought close together


Fluid that accumulates in a wound


clear to slight tint of clear yellow




light pink or light red, combination of clear serous and bloody sanguineous


creamy yellow, tan, brown, green, greenish-blue, may be thick, with or without odor


total or partial separation of incision edges


emergency where abdominal pleura opens and abdominal organs protrude onto abd. wall

primary intention

primary union of edges of wound progression to complete scar formation

secondary intention

wound healing where separated granulation tissue develops to fill in opening and epithelial tissue grows over granulation tissue filling in wound-- very pink and wide scar

tertiary intention

wound healing that occurs when surgical wounds intentionally left open 3-5 days to allow edema or infection to diminish before closing surgically

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