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TB -test 2

The roots of our identity and sense of self are in our


includes the activities, abilities, and characteristics that a culture has deemed appropriate for us based on whether we are male or female.

Gender role

Our gender role is first defined for us by our


Individuals who had an anxious/ambivalent relationship with a parent may find that, as adults, they

worry about being abandoned by others.

Anxious/avoidant relationships with parents may produce children who, when they reach adulthood,

are inclined to run from relationships.

Our first relationships outside our family are


Real friends

can be tense with each other.

Friendships usually include all of the following characteristics, EXCEPT


Characteristics of friendships include all of the following, EXCEPT


A characteristic of friendship includes reciprocity, which means

give-and-take between friends.

Intimate partnerships differ from friendships, in that intimate partnerships

include the presence of sexual desire.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of commitment?


_____________ is an idealization of a loved one.


The element that is LEAST characteristic of enduring love relationships is

absorption in each other.

Emotions that can accompany physiological arousal include


The most long lasting element of love is


The transformation of love progresses in the following way:

high levels of passion, increasing intimacy, diminished romance, enduring love
high levels of passion, increasing intimacy, diminished romance, break up of relationship

All of the following are common relationship challenges, EXCEPT


To develop a healthy intimate relationship, it is important to self-disclose

at a slow but steady rate.

A successful relationship has proven to improve an individual's


Emotional intelligence includes

recognizing feelings as they occur.

Mindfulness can be cultivated by

maximizing awareness of ourselves.

Which is a common expectation that can hurt a relationship?

expecting your partner to change

Jealousy is

a measure of insecurity.

Examples of unhealthy relationships include all of the following, EXCEPT

a level of tension.

All of the following are important guidelines for ending a relationship, EXCEPT

"Move on as quickly as possible."

It appears that our partner may NOT be interested in what we are saying if he or she responds by

looking around the room.

The three keys of good communication in a relationship include all of the following, EXECPT

critical analysis.

"Revealing personal information that we ordinarily wouldn't reveal because of the risk involved" describes


Which of the following is NOT a component of good listening?


____________ is a constructive response to another's self-disclosure.


If your partner expresses unhappiness in your relationship, it is best to

validate your partner's feelings and respond with self-disclosure.

When you want to have a serious discussion with your partner,

avoid blaming.

Male communication patterns can often be described as


Which of the following goals is MOST likely to be associated with male conversation?

establishing dominance

Female communication patterns can often be described as


All of the following are steps in effective conflict resolution, EXCEPT

not compromising your position.

Of the following, which is the MOST constructive conflict resolution strategy?

identifying alternatives to get what each person wants

Which of the following is NOT a constructive strategy for conflict resolution?

providing selective information

If you and your partner find that you argue again and again over the same issue, you should

accept the differences between yourselves.

Which of the following is usually the basis of first attraction to another person?


A characteristic of one's partner that becomes important in determining the quality and depth of a relationship after the euphoria of first attraction and initial romance winds down is

future aspirations.

The most important question for potential mates is,

"How much do we have in common?"

In cultures where parent-arranged marriages are common, marriages are


All of the following are drawbacks to online relationships, EXCEPT

people can communicate in a relaxed way.

If you want to pursue an online relationship,

find out the other person's situation and intention.

In traditional male-female dating relationships, the development of the relationship follows the order of

casual dating, exclusive dating, engagement, marriage.

Getting together in groups, a more casual form of contemporary dating, is probably a product of

equality of the sexes.

Living together in a sexual relationship without being married describes


Cohabitation is

increasing in popularity.

By age 30, what percentage of men and women have lived together without being married (cohabitated)?

50 percent

Which of the following factors is NOT associated with the increasing popularity of cohabitation?

younger average age at marriage

One advantage cohabitation has over marriage is

partners have a greater sense of autonomy.

All of the following are liabilities associated with cohabitation, EXCEPT

loss of protection against domestic violence.

Sexual orientation is best described as

a consistent pattern of emotional and sexual attraction based on biological sex.

One difference between heterosexual and homosexual couples is that same-sex partnerships tend to

be more equal.

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE of many gay and lesbian relationships?

Each partner assumes a traditional gender role.

Marital status affects

Social Security.
federal tax status.
medical decision making

All of the following contribute to the increasing popularity of singlehood, EXCEPT

low divorce rates.

Which of the following statements is LEAST TRUE regarding singlehood?

Economic hardships are greater, especially for men.

Today, people marry more

for personal, emotional reasons.

Having strong social relationships may

reduce the risk of illness.
speed recovery from illness.
improve measures of mental health.

All of the following are health benefits of marriage, EXCEPT

more effective fitness programs.

Which of the following is NOT a predictor of happy marriage?

previous positive sexual experience

Approximately what percentage of married women are in the labor force?

more than 50 percent

Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding gender roles in marriage?

Married men have assumed an equal share in child care responsibilities.

Commitment is based on

conscious choice.

Based on current rates, what percentage of people marrying today will eventually divorce?

50-55 percent

The high American divorce rate probably represents

high emotional expectations of marriage.

The divorce process usually begins with

emotional separation.

The greatest stress-producing event in life is usually

death of spouse or family member.

After a divorce occurs, the recovery period usually does not start for about

1 year after the divorce.

Approximately what percentage of divorced people marry again?

75 percent

About 75 percent of divorced people remarry, often within ____ year(s).


The arrival of the first child is most likely to

reinforce traditional marital roles.

The birth of the first child is most likely to

lessen marital satisfaction.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that helps couples avoid marital dissatisfaction after the birth of a baby?

a high annual income

The four general parenting styles include all the following, EXCEPT


Once children grow up and leave home, marital satisfaction


About ______ percent of all children under age 18 live with only one parent.


The primary problems for single-parent families headed by women are


Children in single-parent families are more likely to

have academic difficulty.

Although evidence has suggested that children from single-parent families are less successful in school, this could actually be attributed to _______________ and not the absence of the second parent.

low educational attainment of the single parent

Family rituals can best be described as

traditions that build family ties.

Which of the following statements is FALSE for most strong families?

Family members rarely seek counseling.

The foundation of most relationships is sexual compatibility.


Successful intimate relationships are more likely to exist for people who have a positive self concept


Gender role includes the activities, abilities, and characteristics our culture deems appropriate for us based on whether we're male or female.


Our adult styles of loving may be based on the style of attachment we established in infancy with our mothers, fathers, or other parenting figure.


Even if your earliest relationships were less than ideal, you can still create satisfying adult relationships.


It is possible to work on unresolved, past issues within an adult relationship.


Friendships have all the same characteristics as intimate partnerships


Friendships are usually considered both more stable and long lasting than intimate partnerships.


Lovers are usually more accepting and less critical than friendships.


Love encompasses opposites such as affection and anger, excitement and boredom, and bonds and freedom.


Intimacy and sex are the same.


Current research reveals that men and women find it equally easy to separate love and sex


Pleasure from a relationship may increase when the intensity and excitement of initial passionate love subsides.


Most love relationships change over time.


Intense passion is required for love to endure.


Out of necessity, commitment and passion do diminish over time.


One major part of relationships is to cultivate the intimacy and freedom missing from our youth.


When starting a new relationship, it is best to "put on airs" before showing your true self.


At times, it is important to mentally detach emotionally from a situation and act later.


Having the conviction that you are always right is harmless competitiveness.


In order to develop an identity as a couple, some autonomy will be lost.


Jealousy is an indicator of love.


Violence in dating relationships can be precipitated by jealousy.


If you are the rejected person in a failed relationship, you should go out and begin a new relationship immediately.


The majority of the communication between two people is nonverbal.


The ability to interpret nonverbal messages correctly is important to the success of relationships.


Effective communication includes making sure that your words match your body language.


Conflict is an inevitable part of any intimate relationship.


Skill at providing positive feedback includes providing constructive criticism.


A recommendation for improving communication in relationships is to frequently offer advice to your partner.


Some of the difficulties people encounter in relationships can be traced to common gender differences in communication.


Men tend to talk more and disclose less than women do.


Even though gender differences exist in communication, when a man and a woman are talking about the same subject, their goals are usually the same.


Conflict can be a sign that the relationship is growing.


Conflict is usually accompanied by anger.


The best way to handle anger in a relationship is to face it head on, immediately, with little thought.


A positive conflict resolution skill involves identifying alternatives for getting each person what he or she wants.


Providing ultimatums will often bring a conflict to a sudden and successful resolution.


It is important to finish serious discussions about relationship conflicts on a positive note, even if no agreement is reached.


Initial attraction is most likely to be based on looks, dress, and social status.


Life partners will usually have more similarities than differences.


In those cultures where marriages are arranged by parents, it is likely that the marriage will be very stable, even though the partners may have barely known each other before the marriage ceremony.


Cohabitation is defined as living together in a sexual relationship without being married.


Laws related to Social Security benefits motivate some senior citizens to cohabit rather than marry.


Gay and lesbian couples have many similarities with heterosexual couples


A civil union grants same-sex couples a legal status parallel to civil marriage.


A civil union is valid only within the issuing state.


Proponents of civil unions believe that "marriage" is a basic civil right for everyone


Marriage has been found to be beneficial for both sexes.


Married people live longer than unmarried people.


Commitment is more of a feeling than a conscious choice.


The process of divorce usually starts with physical separation.


Divorce is regarded as the greatest stress-producing event a person can experience.


Research has clearly identified the best way to rear a child.


Marital satisfaction for most couples tends to decline somewhat while children are in school.


Women are more likely to head single-parent households than are men.


More than half of African American children live in single-parent families.


Economic hardships strike single women and single men equally.


Blended family is another term for stepfamily.


Sexual fidelity is a key part of commitment between intimate partners.


Strong families discuss disagreements and make attempts to solve problems.


Eating well, exercising, and getting adequate sleep are all strategies used by strong families in dealing with life's difficulties.


Gonads are

ovaries and testes.

What are the basic units of reproduction in both males and females?

germ cells

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