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Organic chemistry is the study of?

carbon compounds

which of the following is not a reason for the great number of carbon compounds?

carbon can exhibit many oxidation numbers

a saturated hydrocarbon is one that?

contains only carbon-carbon single bonds

which of the following formulas represents an alkane


successive members of the alkane series differ from the preceding member by one additional

c atom and 2h atom

the members of the alkane series are similar in that each member has the same

general formula

isomers are compounds that have the same

number and kind of atoms in a molecule but different structures

the formula for nonacontane, a 90 carbon alkane is


as the molecular mass of the members of the alkane series increases their boiling points?


for which of the following hydrocarbon molecular formulas is there more than one possible structural formula?


hydrocarbons that have rings of carbon atoms are called

cyclic hydrocarbons

a cyclic compound with 6 carbon atoms and 12 hydrocarbons is


which of the following is an alkene


an alkene has

a carbon-carbon double bond

the hydrocarbon family that feature molecules with a triple bound is


addition reaction occur in alkenes rather than in alkanes because alkenes have

double bonds

then general formula for the alkyne series is


the molecular formula for benzene is


which compound is aromatic hydrocarbon


which organic molecule is represented as a hybrid of two structures


naphthalene is an

aromatic hydrocarbon

the reaction of the benzene ring reflects

the spreading of 6 electrons over all 6 carbon atoms

the compound ch3cl is named

methyl chloride

the compound cf2cl2 is


which of the following is an isomer of 2- chloropropane


the formula ch3ch2 represents

an alkyl group

how many carbon atoms are there in an ethyl group


the formula ch3ch2ch2 represents

propyl group

which type of reaction produces ethanol as one of the main products


the isomer 1-propanol and 2-propanol have a different

location of the functional group

which of the following compounds could be represented by the general formula ROH


which of the following alcohols have molecule with more than one hydroxyl group


a formula that has a hydroxyl OH group attached to a benzene ring represents


an important use of phenol is


the general formula R-O-R represents an


the formula CH3CH2OCH2CH3

diethyl ether

the aldehyde functional group has has a carbonyl group attached to

a H atom

the ketone functional group has a carbonyl group attached to

two other C atoms

the general formula R-CO-R represents


a name for CH3COCH2CH3 is

ethyl methyl ketone

oxidation for what alcohol produces formaldehyde


oxidation for what alcohol produces acetone


which of the following structures represents a carboxylic acid


which of the following represents the functional group of a carboxylic acid


the carboxylic acid that has a -COOH group attached to a benzene ring is

benzoic acid

the general formula for an ester is


the compound CH3COOOCH2 is an


when an alcohol reacts with the carboxylic acid the product formed is


the amide functional group has a carbonyl group attached to

a N atom

a cyclic organic compound that contains at least one atom that is not a carbon atom is called

heterocyclic compound

a basic organic cyclic compound that contains at least one nitrogen atom and that occurs in many plants is called


a long chain protein molecule is an example of an


which is not a polymer


the first semisynthetic polymer was actually made from a natural polymer which was

celluloid, based on cellulose from cotton

the first truly synthetic polymer was

bakelite made from phenol and formaldehyde

when addition polymers form, the monomer units are joined by

new bonds formed by electrons from the double bond

compared to LDPE, HDPE has a higher melting point because

has fewer branches in the chains allowing the molecules to pack more closely

which of the following is not a common use of polyethylene

nonstick coatings for pans

a copolymer is made

from two different monomers

a polymer that can be melted and reshaped before hardening again when cooled is said to be


which class of organic compounds serve as the starting molecules for many polymers


which of the following molecules could not be used as the monomer for an addition polymer


a buckyball is

a carbon molecule (C60)

natural rubber is a polymer of


vulcanization of natural rubber is

cross links the rubber, making it harder and tougher

charles goodyear discovered that natural rubber could be cross linked by heating it with


styrene-butadiene rubber is an example of


polymers, usually elastomers, are used in paints as the


in a condensation polymerization the two products formed are a polymer and


thermosetting polymers

cannot be melted and re molded

the backbone of a silicone polymer chain is composed of repeating units of


the glass transition of a polymer is the tempature

below which the polymer becomes glassy and brittle

crystaline polymers

used as fibers

in general the best was to dispose of plastic is


a plasticizer acts as

lowering the glass transition temp

many flame retardant fabrics incorporate

Br an Cl atoms

most synthetic polymers are made from

petroleum and natural gas

a polymer made from renewable resources is

acid polylactic

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