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FFA Greenhand Degree (Wisconsin)

When was the Future Farmers of America (FFA) formed?
When did the Wisconsin FFA officially begin?
What year did the NFA merge with the FFA?
When were girls allowed to join the FFA?
What year did the National FFA Alumni begin?
What year did the "Future Farmers of America" officially change it's name to the "National FFA Organization"?
What year were middle shcool students first allowed to join the FFA?
Who is known as the "Father of FFA"?
Henry Groseclose
Who wrote the FFA Creed?
E.M. Tiffany
Who was Wisconsin's first National FFA President?
Ivan Kindschi, Praire du Sac FFA Chapter, 1939-1940
Who was the first African-American National FFA President?
Corey Flournoy
Which Wisconsin FFA member most recently served as a National FFA Officer?
Alicia Hodnik
In what state did the first Future Farmers club begin?
Where is the National FFA Center located?
Indianapolis, IN
Where has the Wisconin State FFA Convention been held since 1995?
Madison, WI
Where is the Wisconsin FFA Center located?
Spencer, Wi
Where is the National FFA Convention currently held?
Louisville, KY
How many state FFA officers make up the Wisconsin officer team?
How many sections make up the Wisconsin FFA Association?
How many districts make up the Wisconsin FFA Association?
Which officer is stationed by the rising sun?
What officer is stationed by the plow?
Vice President
What FFA officer station is represented by the Ear of Corn?
What FFA officer station is represented by the American Flag?
What officer is stationed by the emblem of Washington?
Which member ofthe officer team is stationed by the owl?
The shield of Friendship (shaking hands) represents which officer?
Which officer is stationed by a copy of Robert's Rules of Order?
How much are yearly state and national FFA dues?
In order to receive the degree, you must learn and explain the FFA Creed, along with understand the history of the FFA organization and have plans for a supervised agricultural experience program?
Greenhand Degree
How many credits of high school agriculture must a member earn in order to meet that requirement of the State FFA Degree?
What is the highest degree that a member can ear in the FFA?
American FFA Degree
What is the tool in agricultural education that helps students receive hands-on training in planning, record keeping, and reflects a possible career path?
SAE-Supervised Agricultural Experience
How much money is an FFA member awarded if they earn a National FFA SAE Grant?
FFA members can apply for certain proficiency awards offered at the national level in two seperate areas depending if they own the program or work for someone. What are these two areas?
Entrepeneurship and Placement
What Career Development Event involves writing and memorizing all six to eight minute speech and then presenting it in front of a panel of judges?
Prepared Speaking Contest
What speaking contest allows you to sit down with several other FFA members and try to find a solutions to a selcted topic presented by a moderator?
Discusion Meet
What Career Development Event allows a member to demonstrate their skills preparing a resume, completing a job application, and interviewing in front of a panel of judges?
Job Interview
What Career Development Event stresses the importance of running a meeting correctly and members demonstrate various abilities to show how to conduct business?
Parliamentary Procedure Contest
Name one of the two places where the State FFA Band and Choir performs?
State FFA Convention or State Fair
What National FFA Leadership Confrence is held in Washington D.C. and is held during the summer?
WLC- Washington Leadership Convention
What is the term given for the uniform that FFA members wear?
Official Dress
What material is the FFA jacket made out of?
Who is officially allowed to wear the FFA jacket?
FFA members only
What did NFA stand for?
New Farmers of America
The FFA's mission is to develop what three things in its members through agricultural education?
Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, & Career Success
What are the three components of the agricultural education department?
Agricultural classes, SAE, and FFA
Who is the Wisconsin State FFA advisor?
Jeff Hicken
Who is the State FFA Executive Director?
Cheryl Zimmerman
Who is the Section VIII State FFA Officer?
Bethany Rieth