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Cold War

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Cold War (1945-1991)
Democracy (U.S) vs. Communism (USSR), nuclear capabilities
Yalta Conference
Big 3 (Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt), Europe post-war, germany = 4 zones
Potsdam Conference
Harry Truman, Clement Attlee, Destruction weapons mentioned, marked tension
Tension mount
Eastern block = communism/cheka, satellite states
Truman Doctrine
Contain communism, free nations vs. totalitarian
Iron Curtain
Winston Churchill, famous speech
Marshall Plan
U.S = assistance to countries steering clear of communism, department of defense, CIA, national security council
Berlin Blockade
June 1948-May 1949, USSR blocks west access/control Berlin -> unsuccessful = embarrassed
Why was the Berlin blockade unsuccessful?
U.S and Great Britain flew in tons of food
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1 member attacked all involved, U.S relied on for weaponry
Warsaw Pact
20 years mutual defense agreement, more ground troops than NATO, Soviet Union + communist places
Chinese Civil War
Chinese nationalists vs. Chinese communists
Who was successful in the Chinese Civil War?
Chinese communists = people republic of China
Dictator Mao Zedong (China)
Restore order, eliminate corruption, communism party purges = 1 million killed
Korean War (1950-1953)
North invades South, armistice, Korean Demilitarized Zone
Who backs who in the Korean war?
U.S = South, USSR & PRC = North
Who succeeded the death of Stalin?
Nikita Khruschev (1953-1964)
Hungarian Revolt (1956)
Failed -> cheka -> cannot talk about it for 30 years
Berlin Wall erected (1961-1989)
"Brain drain" = smart people leaving (5,000 successful), no emigration to west (100-200 killed)
Vietnam War (1959-1975)
North vs. South, Vietnamization
Who backs who in the Vietnam war?
U.S = South, USSR & PRC = North
Detente (1970s)
Nixon & Brezhnew, "peaceful coexistence"
Cold war dies down
President Reagan, Mikhail Corbachev, peace?
USSR back to Russia/severe depression in 1990s, economy slowly improves
Still communism today
Laos, China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba