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Graduation May 20th!!

Pop art

Visual art movement in Great Britain and U.S (1950s), refers to attitudes

Alex Katz (general)

Painter, sculptor, prints, perfectionist (hate piece = destroy)

Alex Katz attended?

Skowhegan School of Painting and Cooper Union in NY

Alex Katz

"Dog at Duck Trap"

Alex Katz

"Boy with Branch"

Alex Katz

"Green Jacket"

Alex Katz

"Large Head of Vincent"

Andy Warhol (general)

commercial illustrator, avant-garde filmmaker, $1,000,000 for "Eight Elvises"

Andy Warhol's famous quote?

"All have our 15 minutes of fame"

Andy Warhol

"Cambell Soup Box" and just the "Soup"

Andy Warhol

"100 Coke Bottles" and "100 Soup"

Andy Warhol (50)

"Marilyn Diptych"

Eduardo Paolozzi (general)

Scottish but Italian name, imagination and fantasy

Eduardo Paolozzi (1st to have POP, collage part of "Bunk")

"I Was a Rich Man's Plaything"

Eduardo Paolozzi (inspired by William Blake, sculpture)

Newton, after William Blake

Eduardo Paolozzi (sculpture)

Head of Invention

Jasper John (general)

Intaglio prints (resize, paint, push down), lithographs, encaustic (wax)

Jasper John's topics include?

Flags, maps, targets, letters and numbers

Jasper John


Jasper John


Jasper John ($20,000,000)

"White Flag"

Roy Lichtenstein (general)

Cartoonist 1st, oil, magna paint (best), and benday dots, topics = comic/populars

Benday dots

Names after Benjamin Day, printing process, example = comics

Roy Lichtenstein (DC Comics Secret Love #83)

"Drowning Girl"

Roy Lichtenstein


Tom Wesselmann (general)

Member of Judson Gallery, find art collages

Tom Wesselmann

"Still Life #20", "Still Life #17" and "Still Life #24"

Wayne Thiebaud's topics?

Cakes, pastries, boots, toilets, toys and lipstick

Wayne Thiebaud

"Cakes" and "Pies Pies Pies"

Wayne Thiebaud

"Down 18th Street" and "Towards 280"

Claes Oldenburg

Large replica or soft sculptures

Claes Oldenburg

"Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks"

Claes Olderburg

"Soft Bathtub"

Claes Olderburg

"Spoonbridge with Cherries"

Claes Olderburg (birdie)


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