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OSI Model


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In the OSI model, which of the following functions are performed at the Presentation Layer?
(pick two)
Encrypt and compress data.
Specify data formats (such as file formats).
In the OSI model, what is the primary function of the Network layer?
Routes messages between networks.
The Data Link Layer of the OSI model is comprised of two sublayers. What are they? (Select two.)
The UDP transport protocol provides which of the following features? (Select all that apply.)
Connectionless datagram services.
Lower overhead.
Which three of the following functions are peformed by the OSI transport layer?
End-to-end flow control.
Reliable message delivery.
Data segmentation and reassembly.
Which of the following protocols include extensive error checking to ensure that a transmission is sent and recieved without mistakes?
You are an application developer and are writing a program to exchange video files through a TCP/IP network. You need to select a transport protocol that will guarentee delivery. Which TCP/IP protocol would you implement that provides this capability?
Which two of the following are included as part of a Data Link specificiations?
Identifying physical network devices.
Controlling how messages are propagated through the network.
Which of the following are functions of the MAC sublayer?
Defining a unique hardware address for each device on the network.
Letting devices on the network have acess to the LAN.
Which OSI layer is responsible for guaranteeing reliable message delivery?
Transport Layer.
Which of the following tasks is associated with the Session Layer?
Connection establishment.
What is the primary purpose of the OSI Physical layer?
Coordinates rules for transmitting bits.
In the OSI model, which of the following functions are performed at the Application Layer?
Integration of network functionality into the host operating system.
Enabling communication between network clients and services.
Which of the following functions are performed at the Physical layer of the OSI model?
Movement of data across network cables.