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To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 4


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Scout finds two pieces of chewing gum in a knot-hole of the tree. She immediately runs home and chews it.
What does Scout find in one of the trees at the edge of the Radley lot?
She and Jem find a small box covered in tinfoil. Inside the box are two polished Indian-head pennies.
They wonder if the tree might be someone's hiding place or storage place. Jem surmises that the pennies must be valuable to someone because they have been polished. Jem and Scout decide to put them in a safe place for the summer and then when school starts, they will go around to all of the kids and ask if the pennies belong to anyone.
Several days later, she and Jem find something else in the tree. What do they find? What do they decide to do with these items?
They avoid the house of Mrs. Dubose because she is considered "the meanest old woman who ever lived." Scout says that Jem would not go by the Dubose house without Atticus beside him.
Aside from Radley place, what other house do the kids avoid, and why?
A Hot Steam is a ghost who cannot get to heaven, so it wanders about lonely roads. Jem says that if you are walking along a road and pass through a hot spot of air, it might be a Hot Steam, "an' if you walk through him, when you die you'll be one too, an' you'll go around at night suckin' people's breath—."
According to Jem, what is a Hot Steam?
They make up a game about the Radley family based on neighborhood gossip. Each child plays a number of parts, including Boo, Mr. Radley, Mrs. Radley, and various people who were involved in the Radley affairs at one time or another. As Scout explains, "It was a melancholy little drama, woven from bits and scraps of gossip and neighborhood legend...." They call the play "One Man's Family."
What game do the kids make up in this chapter?
"He was taller than ours, he had a black beard (pointed), and was president of the L&N Railroad."
How does Dill describe his father in this chapter?
"'Angel-bright, life in death; get off the road, don't suck my breath.'"
What does a person need to say to stop Hot Steams from wrapping around them?
He died years ago and they stuffed him up the chimney.
What does Jem believe has happened to Boo Radley after all of these years?
They stop playing the One Man's Family game so they don't get in trouble.
What do the children do when they see the neighbors outside or Mr. Nathan Radley?