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Which talmud do we go by today?
In what year was the Yerushalmi sealed?
359 CE
In what year was the Bavli sealed?
500 CE
who sealed the yerushalmi?
and his students
Who argued Torah with Rabbi Yochanan Ben Naphcha like 'uprooting mountains and bringing them together'
Reish Lakish
I led Yeshiva of Teveriya for 55 Years. Who am I?
Rabbi Yochanan Ben Naphcha
I would never engage in a discussion with R'Yochanan until I had first gone over the matter 40 times. Who am I?
Reish Lakish
In what year was the permanent calendar sealed?
360 CE
We saw the toe of Rebbi protruding from his sandal. Who are we?
Rebbi Yochanan and Reish lakish
We sealed the Talmud Bavli.
Rav Ashi and Ravina
who sealed the mishnah? and what year??
Rav Yehuda HaNasi and 200 CE
I was the mother of Constantine the Great. Who am I?
Religion of Roman Empire
We crucified many christians:
Christianity comes from judaism. t/f?
I had trouble keeping Parthia under control.
Constantine the Great (1)
What was outlawed in Rome?
Where is Parthia
Bavel and to the east of Bavel (asia)
If you were practicing christian you were __ by the Romans
Who was the head of Western Byzantine Empire?
what was the language of W. Byzantine
What was the church called in W. Byzantine?
Roman Catholic
what was the capital of the Byzantine Empire
I promised to legalize Christianity in Rome. Who am I?
What religion is the Byzantine Empire?
What part of the Middle Ages is the Dark Ages?
the earliest adn worst part
Which part of the byzantine experienced the Dark Ages?
which religion will eventually overpower Eastern Byzantine
why does the community in Israel come to a close in the year 359 CE?
bc the christians rule over israel
Who issues the ruling that the jews in israel should not keep shmita once the Christians gain power and rule over the Jews in Israel?
Who was the father of Huna?
Mar Channina
who was the father of Yaleta?
Rabbi Chafni
King Kuzroi did not like the __
HEad of Eastern Byzantine?
Byzantine emperor
Language spoken in Eastern Byzantine
Church in Eastern Byzantine called?
Greek orthodox
After the fall of Bietar and the murder of our 10 holy martyrs (great rabbis) _____ born to continue torah and give us hope again.
After the destruction of the second temple and all seemed lost ____ preserved torah in yavnah and hope was restored.
Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai
What does Shmad mean?
When the enemy tries to kill the Jew physically.When the enemy tries to destroy the Jew spiritually (to stop us from keeping Torah).
What does Huna do after losing in the uprising against Kuzroi?
committed suicide.
what promises did KUzroi make to Channina and Huna if they helped him in his battle with Rome?
THat the jews could rebuild the temple and rule over Israel
I killed almost all of the house of David
I was the leader of the army of Jews in Israel. I told huna not to fight against Kuzroi. Who am I?
i Had a dream and awoke with blood gushing forth from my forehead.
___ wanted to kill you because you destroyed his entire family"
King David
"I believe you ___! Your interpretation is true as the dream you have helped me recall"
The son of Yaleta was called ___
Busten is persian for ___
I wanted to marry Yaleta and help raise Bustenai
The child held the reptile by the neck, which made it unable to turn its head and bite him" who is the child?
I was to accompany Bustenai to Destagerd and live with my Uncle Abun. Who am I?
Statue like I did not move a muscle when the ___ dug into my skin.
My first impulse was to kill the deer, but I quickly checked myself. I had promised the king to join in the hunt but not participate in the brutality. who am I?
"How dare you take the shot that belonged to me! You knave! How dare you take the King's first try." Who took the shot that killed the deer?
"Fathers should not die for the sins of their children, neither should the children die for the sins committed by their fathers. Each must be responsible for his own actions and misdeeds." To whom did Bustenai teach these words?
Prince Shiruya kidnapped my beloved wife. Who am I?
"Know ye that the writer of this letter is the chosen prophet of Allah, ____________ and that I have ben appointed by Allah to overthrow the idols of the people." Who wrote this letter that Kuzroi tore into little pieces?
Mohammed was of the __ clan
Mohammed was a
Caravan/Camel Driver
what does jihad mean
You can kill the infidel. Holy war
You can kill people not practicing Islam.
Who did the Muslim armies surprise and conquer?
Eastern Byzantine.
Dear Chafni, Bustenai's grandfather' warned bustenai not to fall in love with ____
"The conflict between these two religions would prevent the destruction of the Jews that might have occurred had Rome been permitted to rule the world. Perhaps this Mohammed is fulfilling the prophecy that was given to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Steadily the world is coming closer to accepting the teachings of our ______. In destroying idol worship, the Ishmaelites will become great: but Israel will still be persecuted. It will be many years before the other nations recognize the full truth of the Torah. According to our novel Bustenai this was said by Shimon Bar Yochai in 130 CE.
Islam is based on
In anger, that the Jews would not follow them, the Christians changed their day of rest from Saturday to ___________.
I was illiterate and had a Jewish scribe. Who am I?
koran comes from the hebrew word
which angel appeared to Moahmmed and told him to create a new religion
Originally the followers of Mohammed were to pray facing
Mohammaed felt the Jews would accept him because:
They were cousins.

They were both monotheists

They kept the same Shabbat
Some laws MOhammed originally made similar to the Torah are:
Pray facing Jerusalem

Slaughter meat similar to Jews

Not eat pig meat.
What is the "Hajj"?
At least once during each faithful Moslem's life he must make a pilgrimage to Mecca.
In anger that the Jews would not follow them the Moslems changed their day of rest from day 7 to day_____.
T/F: Pagans believed that if you are suffering you are cursed by the Gods
Huna marries yaleta. T/F
When King Kuzroi Becomes king of Persia he likes the Jews. T/F
T/F Bustenai had a fly on his coat of arms
The Moselms overpower Persia and persia becomes a moslem country. T/F
The moslem hordes surprised Eastern Byzantine and conquered it. T/F
Prince Shiruya was the wicked won of King Kuzroi. T/F
Achai was the good friend and Chevruta of Bustenai . T/F
T/F. Today the moslems celebrate their day of rest on Friday