AP World History


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3500 BCE
City-states of Sumer (cuneiform writing)
Hindus Valley
Empire of Akkad
1750 BCE
Hammurabi and 1st Babylonian Empire
Aryan Invasion of India
1600-1100 BCE
Mycenaeans and the Trojan War
1500-300 BCE
Phonecian city-states
900 BCE
Assyrian Empire (conquers Nothern Israel in 722 BCE)
800 BCE
Greek city-states emerge
609 BCE
Nebuhadnezzar and Neo-babylonian Empire conquers Assyria
539 BCE
Cyrus the Great and Persian Empire conquers Babylon
510 BCE
Romans conquer Etruscans and take Italy over next 100 years
500 BCE
Confucius in China
Buddha in India
Socrates in Greece
Zoroaster in Persia
490 BCE
Darius defeated by Athens at Marathon
480 BCE
Spartans hold off Xerxes invasion at Thermopylae
431-404 BCE
Great Peloponessian War
333 BCE
Alexander the Great and the Greeks conquer Babylon
322 BCE
Mauryan Empire arises in India under Chandragupta Mauryan as Greeks retreat
300 BCE
Gen. Seleucus takes Syria to India
Gen. Ptolemy thakes Eygpt to N. Africa
50 BCE
Julius Caesar crosses Rubicon conquers Pompey... civil war
27 BCE
Octavian crowned Caesar Augustus turning Roman Republic into Roman Empire
30 CE
Jesus crucified
Christianity begins to spread rapidly in Rome.
313 CE
Constantine issues Edict of Milan legalizing Christianity.
476 CE
Rome in the west falls to German General Odoacer
500 CE
All of Europe if broken up into little countries all governed by Germanic general: Feudalism - unifying effect of Catholic Church
December Wright Brothers achieve first powered flight
Digging under the Panama Canal under President Theodore Roosevelt
Great War: Britain & France vs. Germany & Austria-Hungary
deaths: 16 million/ 116,000 US
Russia leaves War and has Bolshevik Revolution, US enters after Zimmerman Telegram
Winter Spanish flu (influenza pandemic) kills 50 million, 675,000 Americans
Robert Goddard invents rocket technology
Alexander Fleming discovers penicilin
Stock market crash brings the Roaring 20's to abrupt halt/global Great Depression Dirty 30's
Hitler and Stalin form non-aggression pact and both invade Poland beginning WW2
US enters WW2 against Axis Powers after Japan bombs Pearl Harbor on December 7th
Breton Woods conference sets up the World Bank with US dollar as the reserve currency
United Nations founded under communist spy in the US State Department, Alger Hiss
1945 beginning
Germany surrenders May 8, Japan surrenders after we drop atomic bombs August 6 and 9
the Nation of Israel is reborn!
Russia goes nuclear with aid of US communist spies the Rosenbergs who are executed
US loses more than 50,000 in the Korean War
USSR launches Sputnik and the space race begins
Bay of Pigs fiasco, October 1962
Cuban Missile Crisis, 1963
Russian trained sniper kills Pres. Kennedy
Crick and Watson discover DNA as the code of life...further disproving evolution
First Digital Computers and Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and escalation of Vietnam War
ARPANET developed....first internet
AND Israel retakes all of Jerusalem 1st time since AD70
(July) American Astronauts walk on the moon
Soviet Union collapses, end of Cold War
Muslim terrorists bring down twin towers of World Trade Center and hit the Pentagon
Rover missions on Mars
610 CE
Muhammad begins dictating the Koran, Hijra to Medina 622, dies in 632 having taken Middle East.
700-1066 CE
Viking Age of ravaging the coast of Northern Europe and Russia.
732 CE
Umayyad Muslims took North Africa, up through Spain, stopped by Charles Martel at Tours/Poitiers.
750 CE
Abbasid Caliphate founded
1040 CE
Gunpowder invented in China (Ottoman Empire 1st gunpowder empire.
1066 CE
Norman invasion of England (rule over Anglo-Saxons)
1095 CE
Pope Urban II calls for the 1st Crusade that takes and holds Jerusalem for 100 years
1206 CE
Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Opens silk road all the way to Europe.
1215 CE
King John of England signs the Magna Carta.
1227 CE
Genghis Khan dies and Kublai Khan takes China, Golden Horde takes Russia.
1258 CE
Ilkanate Mongols conquers Baghdad, the capital of Abbasid Caliphate.
1271 CE
Marco Polo travels the silk road,
1337 CE
Hundreds Years War begins between England and France (Joan of Arc) ends in 1453
1347-1349 CE
The Black Plague thought to have been brought from Asia to Europe by the Mongols, kills 1/3rd of Europe's population