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Exercise 9

What is the other term for the wave cyclone:

polar front cyclone

When the center of a mature wave cyclone passes to the south, you should expect:

an occluded front

The time scale for the life of a mid-latitude cyclone is about:

one week

The polar front theory was developed what scientists during World War II:


The polar front separates what from what:

cold polar easterlies, warm mid-latitude westerlies

Meandering in the upper-level winds can lead to:

major cyclones and anticyclones

If there is more divergence aloft than convergence at the surface, what will what at the surface:

low pressure, strengthen

Anticyclones are typically associated with

clear skies and calm conditions

Much less study has been devoted to anticyclones as compared to cyclones:


When the upper air diverges, the surface cyclones may form


Occluded fronts characterize the beginning stages of a middle latitude cyclone


Cyclones are not common in the United States


The term cyclogenesis refers to the decay of a mid-latitude cyclone


Mid- Latitude cyclones normally bring abrupt changes in the wind, temperature, and clouds


The warm sector of a cyclone typically has clear skies


When upper level air speeds up, speed divergence occurs


Anticyclones always bring nice weather


A mid-latitude cyclone typically dissipates as it approaches the upper-level ridge


Upper-level ridges have low air pressure features


Upper-level convergence downwind of a trough leads to a high pressure at the surface


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