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Music Period 2 (Romantic, 20th Century, Jazz)


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Industrial Revolution
Time in world history that rapidly improved production and manufacture of goods.
Having pride in one's country
Tone Poem
Romantic form that portrays a story, poem, painting or landscape through music
Song cycle
Group of songs by same composer meant to be played in one sitting
Bel Canto
Translates to "beautiful singing"
When a melody represents a specific character
The element of music that received the greatest emphasis during the romantic period.
Composer who connected the Classical and Romantic periods
Symphony No. 9
Beethoven's masterpiece that was first symphony to use voices
word created by Wagner that means "total art work"
Romantic composer that was a perfectionist and wrote in a more "Classical" style
First internationally known Russian composer; wrote the Nutcracker
Ring Cycle
Work by Wagner that was 15 hours long
Song created by Brahms that helps kids sleep
Atonal music
Music with no tonal center
What 20th century composers began experimenting with
12 tone music
Type of atonal music that uses every note of the chromatic scale
Style of 20th Century music that was pleasing to the ear; made famous by Debussy
Claire de Lune
Translates to moonlight; famous piece by Debussy
20th century development that sought to return to ideas of form and structure from the Classical period
Russian composer known for Firebird
Prince Ivan
Main character in the Firebird
Magic Egg
object in which Kashchei's soul is stored
American composer known for Fanfare for the Common Man and some ballets
Fanfare for the Common Man
Piece by Copland that was used in Olympic Games
Origin of jazz music
New Orleans
City that is the birthplace of jazz
Louis Armstrong
Famous singer and jazz trumpet player known for "What a Wonderful World"
making up music on the spot; the defining feature of jazz
Nickname for Louis Armstrong
Swing jazz
Jazz style of the 1930's played by big bands
Duke Ellington
Jazz artist that moved to New York to become a big band leader; wrote "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing"
Jazz for intellectuals; started in 1940s
Latin Jazz
combination of Cuban, African, and Spanish styles with jazz
Jazz Fusion
Combining jazz elements with popular music genres like rock or funk