Characteristics Of Living Things Quiz

C= Cells:
All living things are made of at least one cell. The cells perform all the life processes that are needed for an organism to live.
O= Organized:
All living things have all of the structures they need to survive as part of their make up.
R= Reproduce:
All living things perform a process that makes offspring.
D= Develop and Grow:
All living things get bigger and mature.
L= Lifespan:
All living things carry out life functions over a certain period of time... That means all living things will eventually die.
A= Adapt:
All living things adapt to their environment to their environment.
S= Stimulus Response:
All living things react to changes in their environment. (EXAMPLES: Sweat when hot, shiver when cold, jump or gasp when something scares you.
E= Energy:
All livings require energy (food and water) for survival.
All living things need energy to survive. The main source of energy is the sun, the sun allows plants to grow, which are usually the foundation of life.
All organisms need water. It allows the organisms to perform the chemical reactions inside cells that keep organism alive.
All living things need to be able to shiver when cold or sweat when hot.
Gas exchange:
Usually exchanging Co2 for O2
Living space:
All living things need a space to live. A place to feel safe and to be kept from harm. Some organisms lose the competition to find living space and will eventually die off.