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Who's Your Washtenaw County Commissioner?


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Kent Martinez-Kratz
District 1 (Represents northwest Washtenaw County - Dexter, Chelsea, Lyndon Township, Dexter Township, Sylvan Township and Scio Township)
Michelle Deatrick
District 2 (Represents a small part of northern Ann Arbor and Barton Hills, as well as Salem Township, Northfield Township, Webster Township, most of Ann Arbor Township and Superior Township, and a small part of the city of Dexter.)
Alicia Ping
District 3 (Represents southwest and southern Washtenaw County - Saline, Milan, Manchester, Saline Township, Sharon Township, Freedom Township, Lodi Township, Manchester Township, Bridgewater Township and York Township.)
Felicia Brabec
District 4 (Represents Pittsfield Township.)
Ruth Ann Jamnick
District 5 (Represents part of Augusta Township and most of Ypsilanti Township.)
Andy LaBarre
District 7 (Represents the east, northeast and southeast portion of Ann Arbor.)
Ricky Jefferson
District 6 (Represents the city of Ypsilanti and part of Ypsilanti Township.)
Jason Morgan
District 8 (Represents central and south-central Ann Arbor.)
Conan Smith
District 9 (Represents the west, northwest and southwest sides of Ann Arbor.)