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All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 6, Book 1 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus some terms and sentences from my teachers to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.


【xiànzài】 [MOVABLE ADVERB] - now; at the present time; *** today.

【diǎn】 [MEASURE] - (Measure for hours of the clock); *** drop (of liquid); spot; dot; speck; dot stroke; <math.> point; decimal point; point; a little; a bit; some; aspect; feature; put a dot; touch on very briefly; slim; drip; sow in holes; check one by one; select; choose; hint; point out; light; burn; kindle; appointed time.


【diǎnzhōng】 [MEASURE] - (Measure for hours of the clock); *** (indicating time of day) o'clock.


【jīdiǎn】 [NUMBER/MEASURE] - What time is it?; What time...?; *** when?.

【guò】 [ACTION VERB] - past (a certain hour of the clock); *** cross; pass; across; past; through; over; spend (time); pass (time); after; undergo a process; go through; go over; exceed; go beyond; excessively; unduly; <chem.> <physics> pre-; super-; over-; fault; mistake; <measure> time.

【chà】 [ACTION VERB] - before (a certain hour of the clock); *** differ from; fall short of; wrong; wanting; short of; not up to standard; poor.

【fēn】 [MEASURE] - minute (of time); *** divide; separate; part; distribute; assign; allot; distinguish; differentiate; branch (of an organization); fraction; one-tenth; fen- a unit of length (=0.333 centimeter); fen- a unit of area (=66.666 square meters); fen- a unit of weight (=0.5 gram); fen- a fractional unit of money in China; point; mark; interest %.


【shàng-kè】 [VERB-OBJECT] - (of students) to attend class; (of teachers) to conduct class; *** go to class; give a lesson; give a lecture.


【xià-kè】 [VERB-OBJECT] - (of students) to finish class; (of teachers) to dismiss class; *** get out of class.

【zhōng】 [NOUN] - o'clock; a clock; *** bell; time as measure in hours and minutes; concentrate (one's; affections etc.); handle-less cup; (Zhong1) a surname.


【wǎnshàng】 [TIME WORD] - evening; ~6pm to midnight; *** (in the) evening; (at) night.

【wǎn】 [STATIVE VERB] - late: *** evening; night; far on in time; younger; junior.


【jiànmiàn】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to meet; *** see.

【jiàn】 [ACTION VERB] - see; catch sight of.


【jīntiān】 [TIME WORD] - today; *** the present; now.

【lái】 [ACTION VERB] - to come (to); *** come; arrive; crop up; take place; future; coming; next; ever since; about; around.


【chīfàn】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to eat (a meal); *** have a meal; keep alive; make a living.

【mǐ】 [NOUN] - rice; shelled or husked seed; (Mi3) a surname; metre.


【mǐfàn】 [NOUN] - (cooked) rice.

【fàn】 [NOUN] - cooked rice or other cereals; meal.


【méi bànfǎ】 [EXPRESSION] - Theres no way that .....


【méiyǒu bànfǎ】 [EXPRESSION] - Theres no way that .....


【méi fǎzi】 [EXPRESSION] - Theres no way that .....


【bànfǎ】 [NOUN] - a way to handle a problem; a solution; *** way; means; measure.


【míngtiān】 [TIME WORD] - tomorrow; *** the near future.


【míngtiān jiàn】 [EXPRESSION] - See you tomorrow!


【bǐjiào】 [ADVERB] - comparatively; relatively; *** compare; contrast; <adv.> fairly; quite; rather.

【bàn】 [NUMBER/MEASURE] - half; *** semi-; in the middle; halfway; very little; the least bit; partly; about half.

【xíng】 [EXPRESSION] - O.K.; *** go; travel; temporary; makeshift; be current; prevail; circulate; do; perform; carry out; engage in; behavior; conduct; all right; ; capable; competent.


【kěyǐ】 [EXPRESSION] - O.K.; okay; *** can; may; <informal> passable; pretty good; not bad; <informal> awful.

【ó】 [PARTICLE] - <interj.> Oh!


【shì zhèiyàng】 [EXPRESSION] - Oh I see!; It's like that is it?


【shíjiān】 [NOUN] - time; (as in time is money); *** (the concept of) time; (the duration of) time; (a point in) time.

【duàn】 [MEASURE] - (Measure for time); period *** section; segment; part; paragraph; passage; a surname.


【shénme shíhòu】 [QUESTION WORD] - When? *** (the duration of) time; (a point in) time; moment.


【yǒu kòng】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to have free/spare time.


【xiàwǔ】 [TIME WORD] - afternoon; p.m.; ~2pm-6pm


【shàngwǔ】 [TIME WORD] - forenoon; a.m.; ~9am-noon; *** morning.


【zǎoshàng】 [TIME WORD] - (early in) the morning. Dawn to ~9am.

【zǎo】 [STATIVE VERB] - early; *** (early) morning; long ago; as early as; for a long time; in advance; <polite> good morning.


【zhōngwǔ】 [TIME WORD] - noon; ~noon to 2pm; *** midday.

【zuò】 [ACTION VERB] - to do; to make; to engage in; *** make; produce; manufacture; cook; prepare; do; act; engage in; be; become; write; compose; hold a family (or home) celebration; be used as; form or contract a relationship.

【zhěng】 [ADVERB] - exactly; *** whole; complete; full; entire; in good order; neat; tidy; put in order; rectify; repair; mend; renovate; make somebody suffer; punish; fix; <dialect> do; make; work.

【kè】 [MEASURE] - (Measure for quarter hour); *** carve; engrave; cut; a quarter (of an hour); moment; cutting; penetrating; in the highest degree; set a time limit.


【yī kè】 [MEASURE] - A quarter past the hour.


【sān kè】 [MEASURE] - Three quarters past the hour/45 after the hour.


【zuótiān】 [TIME WORD] - yesterday.


【língchén】 [TIME WORD] - before dawn. About midnight to dawn.


【yèli】 [TIME WORD] - at night.


【bànyè】 [TIME WORD] - midnight; in the middle of the night.

【miǎo】 [TIME WORD] - second.


Wǒ Zǎo Shɑnɡ Sì Diǎn Bàn Qǐ Chuánɡ,Wǔ Diǎn Chà Wǔ Fēn Chī Zǎo Fàn, Wǔ Diǎn Zhěnɡ Shànɡ Kè。 I wake up at half past four o'clock, then have breakfast at 5 minutes to 5 and my class starts at 5 o'clock exactly.

【huí】 to return; circle; wind; go back; turn around; answer; reply; chapter; have been here once; the Hui nationality.

我中午十二点一刻吃午饭。 我明天下午五点回家。

Wǒ Zhōnɡ Wǔ Shí èr Diǎn Yí Kè Chī Wǔ Fàn。 Wǒ Mínɡ Tiān Xià Wǔ Wǔ Diǎn Huí Jiā。 I have lunch at a quarter past 12 (12:15). I will go home at 5 PM tomorrow afternoon.

我晚上六点过五分吃晚饭。 我晚上八点整上课。

Wǒ Wǎn Shɑnɡ Liù Diǎn Guò Wǔ Fēn Chī Wǎn Fàn。 Wǒ Wǎn Shɑnɡ Bā Diǎn Zhěnɡ Shànɡ Kè。 I have dinner at 5 past 6. I have class at 8 PM exactly.


Wǒ Wǎn Shɑnɡ Jiǔ Diǎn Shuì Jiào。 I go to sleep at 9 PM.


Duì bù qǐ , wǒ wǎn le。 I'm sorry, I am late.

现在几点? 现在中午一点半。

Xiànzài jǐ diǎn? Xiànzài zhōngwǔ yī diǎn bàn。 What time is it now? It is 1:30 in the afternoon.


Wǒ yǐqián kàn guò zhè běn shū。 I have read this book before.


èr shí èr diǎn èr èr 22.22


Wǒ hěn zǎo qǐchuáng。 I wake up very early.

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