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Physical Science Test

Test: Tomorrow
Which statement illustrates Newton's first law?
a. a stone will not move unless something pushes or pulls it
b. a ball rolling across the floor eventually slows down
c. as a car comes to a stop, the passengers continue to move forward
d. all of the above
d. all of the above
Which object has the greatest inertia?
a. a tennis ball
b. a bowling ball
c. a beach ball
d. a volleyball
b. a bowling ball
What force causes a skater sliding on the ice to gradually slow down?
c. friction
A seat belt helps when your car stops suddenly by providing a(n)
d. unbalanced rearward force
If an equal force is applied to two cars of equal mass, Car A and Car B, Car A will have __________ acceleration as (than) Car B
the same
The gravitational force between two objects depends on masses of objects and
distance between objects
Which of the following exerts a gravitational force?
a. a bowling ball
b. a book
c. a feather
d. all of the above
d. all of the above
Increasing which of these conditions results in more gravitational force between two objects?
a. distance
b. acceleration
c. mass
d. surface area
Free-fall acceleration near Earth's surface
Orbital motion is a combination of
forward motion and free fall
Which statement about weight is INCORRECT?
a. an object weighs more on the moon than it weighs more on the moon than it weighs on Earth
b. a change in an object's location can change the object's weight
a. an object weighs more on the moon than it weighs on Earth
Astronauts "float" when inside an orbiting spaceship because they are
in free fall
Which is an example of projectile motion?
a. a rolling bowling ball
b. a dart thrown at a dart board
b. a dart thrown at a dart board
Whenever a force is exerted, another force occurs that is _______ in size, and ________ in direction.
equal, opposite
The force exerted on the racket by a hit tennis ball is the
reaction force
Which statement about action-reaction force pairs is incorrect?
a. they act on the same object
b. they always occur in pairs
a. they act in the same object
Which of the following has a momentum of zero?
a. a newspaper lying on a table
b. a plane flying through the air
a.a newspaper lying on a table
When a moving bowling ball hits a pin, some of the ball's momentum
is transferred to the pin
How does the total momentum of two objects before a collision compare with the total momentum after the collision?
it is the same