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to bore

caer bien

to get along well with
to "like" a person

caer mal

to get along badly with
to "not like" a person


to hurt


to like very much


to lack


to fascinate

hacer falta

to miss


to be important to


to be interesting to


to bother


to worry


to surprise

a mi

to me

a ti

to you

a ellos

to them

a nosotros

to us

a él

to him

a ella

to her

me, te, le, nos, les

indirect object pronouns

¡A mi me fascina el albúm!

I love the album!

¿Te molesta si voy contigo?

Would it bother you if I came along?

A ella le duelen las rodillas.

Her knees hurt.

A ella no le gusta bailar, pero a él sí.

She doesn't like to dance, but he does.

A Felipe le molesta ir de compras.

Shopping bothers Felipe.

Me falta dinero.

I'm short on money.

Me faltan dos pesos.

I need two pesos.

No nos gusta llegar tarde.

We don't like to arrive late.

A ellos les gusta cantar y bailar.

They like to sing and dance.

Me gustaría un refresco con hielo, por favor.

I would like a soda with ice, please.

¿Te gustaría salir a cenar conmigo?

Would you like to go out to dinner with me?

Nos gusta la música pop.

We like pop music.

Me gustan las quesadillas.

I like quesadillas.

A ellos les gusta su casa nueva.

They like their new house.

¿Te gustan las películas románticas?

Do you like romantic movies?

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