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Cwrs Mynediad (Blwyddyn 1) - Uned 10

* Uned 10 - Adolygu ac ymestyn - Revision and extension
Oes diddordebau gyda ti?
Do you have interests?
Yes (I do)
Nac oes
No (I don't)
Dwi'n hoffi . . .
I like . . .
Ble wyt ti'n mynd i nofio?
Where do you go swimming?
Dwi'n mynd i'r ganolfan hamddem
I go to the leisure centre
Dwi'n mynd i siopa gyda ffrind
I go shopping with a friend
Dwi'n mynd ar fy mhen fy hun
I go on my own
Oes amser gyda chi?
Do you have time?
Oes digon o amser gyda chi?
Do you have enough time?
Oes arian gyda fe?
Does he have money?
Oes gormod o waith cwrs gyda hi?
Does she have too much coursework?
Faint o blant sy gyda chi?
How many children do you have?
Mae ____ o blant gyda fi
I have ____ children
Mae dau o blant gyda fi
I have two children
Mae mab a merch gyda fi
I have a son and a daugher
Mae dau fab a dwy ferch gyda fi
I have two sons and two daughters
Mae tri mab ac un ferch gyda fi
I have three sons and one daugher
Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?
How's the weather today?
Mae hi'n . . .
It's . . .
Mae hi'n oer
It's cold
Sut oedd y tywydd ddoe?
How was the weather yesterday?
Roedd hi'n . . .
It was . . .
Roed hi'n stormus iawn
It was very stormy