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Ocean Currents

Surface Currents
ocean currents on the top of the water that are driven by wind
Deep current
a streamlike movement of ocean water far below the surface
The Coriolis Effect
The moving of objects from a straight line due to Earth's rotation
The Gulf Stream Current
An ocean current that pushes warm water on the east side of the US
Ocean Current
the steady flow of ocean water in a certain direction
Continental Deflection
currents changing direction when they meet a continent
Ocean Currents in the South move:
Ocean currents in the North move:
Wind, gravity, and the Coriolis Effect
What causes the surface currents?
Deep currents
What has more salinity? Deep currents or surface currents?
In the poles
Where do cold water currents begin?
At the equator
Where do warm water currents begin?
The amount of matter ina given space, or volume
A process where water is removed but salt is left behind
Deep Circulation and surface circulation
What are the two current systems?
large circular surface patterns
What direction is Coriolis Deflection in the Northern Hemisphere?
What direction is Coriolis Deflection in the Southern Hemisphere?
Cold, nutrient rich water comes up to the surface and replaces warm water
El Nino
Wind moves less warm water to the Western Pacific than usual and surface temperature rises
La Nina
Sometimes follow El Nino and makes surface water unusually cool