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Who introduced the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar?
Leo Fender
What were the characteristics of rock?
Riffs, backbeats, blue notes
What are riffs?
Repeated patterns
What are backbeats?
Emphasizing the second and fourth beats of each measure
What are blue notes?
Notes that can sound "wrong"
What part of rock tended to be denser than classical or jazz?
Where was the first type of rock music, rock and roll, started?
United States
What was the first rock record?
Rocket 88
Who came up with Rocket 88?
Jackie Brenton and the Delta Cats
Who established the standard four-piece instrumentation of rock bands?
Buddy Holly
Who started the Motown record label?
Berry Gordy
What type of music ruled the airwaves in 1963?
What ended in 1963?
Rock and roll
What started in 1963?
Who appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 in NYC?
The Beatles
What bands were involved in the British Invasion?
Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zepplin, The Kinks
What is a Concept Album?
When the tracks on an album are tied together by a loose theme
What was the first rock concept album?
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
What band made Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
The Beatles
What was the biggest Psychedelic Rock band?
Grateful Dead
What did Psychedelic Rock bands experience with?
What four 60's guitarist had the biggest influence on the electric guitar playing?
Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page
What decade saw a generation of Superstars?
What was a rock group that was considered a Superstar?
The Rolling Stones
What was a solo act that was considered a Superstar?
Stevie Wonder
What did Heavy Metal feature?
Aggressive, guitar heavy songs
What was art rock influenced by?
Classical music
What was the emphasis of Glam Rock?
The look
What is disco?
Simple and catchy songs with a steady bass beat
What was Punk Rock a reaction to?
Against the commercialism of mainstream rock
What else is Punk?
A style of dress
What two beats does Reggae have strong emphasis on?
The 2nd and 4th beat
What was Reggae based on?
Political protest and the Rastafarian religion
Who was the superstar of Reggae?
Bob Marley
What decade saw technological advances?
The 1980s
What was two of the technological advances of the 80s?
The music video in 1981 and the digitally recorded compact disc (CD) in 1983
Who introduced the music video in 1981?
What was the first music video?
Video Killed the Radio Star
Who wrote "Video Killed the Radio Star?"
The Buggles
What was the biggest selling music genre in the 1980s?
Heavy metal
What was alternative rock against?
The conformity and commercialism of the music industry
What was the most significant rock-music development of the 1980s?
The rise of rap
What is rap?
Talking in rhyme to the rhythm of a beat
Where did rap start?
What was Toasting?
When the disc jockey would talk over the music that was playing
What was the first type of rap?
Blues Dances
How many areas does Jamaican "toasting" and American rap have in common?
What was the first similarity between Jamaican "toasting and American rap?
They both used pre-recorded music
What was second similarity between Jamaican "toasting" and American rap?
They both relied on a strong beat
What was the third similarity between Jamaican "toasting" and American rap?
Both the rapper or toaster spoke their lines with the rhythm
What was the fourth similarity between Jamaican "toasting" and American rap?
The content of the raps and toasts
What were some different types of rap that were similar in nature?
Boast raps, insult raps, news raps, message raps, nonsense raps, and party raps
Who was the first DJ to toast in the Bronx?
Kool Herc
What did Kool Herc start?
What type of rap is completely improvised?
Freestyle rap
What was the first rap record to make it big?
Rapper's Delight
Who was "Rapper's Delight" by?
Sugar Hill Gang
Who started the first political rap in 1982?
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
What song was the first political rap song in 1982?
The Message
What was "The Message" about?
Life in the ghetto
What was made illegal in the 1990s?
Who brought rap into the mainstream with his movie 8 Mile?
What song by Eminem won Best Song in a Movie at the Oscars in 2002?
Lose Yourself
Who is the biggest selling rapper of all time?
How many albums has Tupac sold?
73 million albums
How did Grandmaster Flash earn his name?
With his speed on the turntables
What is Techno?
Electronic music with one person performing
Who is one of the Original biggest selling techno musicians?
What album did Moby sell big with?
What band helped with the popularity of alternative rock?
Even though rap is going strong, what is one thing that could hold it back?
Its reputation
What did the turn of the 21st century see the explosion of?
Dub Step and other electronica forms
When did the first iPods come out?
How far back could current listeners form their musical taste?
The 1950s
What is rock a constant battle between?
Music and commercialism (music or money)
What three record labels control 80% of the market globally?
Sony, Warner and Universal
What do Sony, Warner, and Universal control?
Minor labels
Who won a Grammy without signing with a record label?
Chance the Rapper
What type of rock is difficult to play and more complex?
Art rock
What is a Worldbeat?
A blend of ethnic music and rock