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Parathyroid location: Two pairs of parathyroids an

inferior and superior

Anterior to the parathyroid is the


Superior pair is located generally...

in the middle third of thyroid

Inferior pair is located about the

lower third of the thyroid

Superior pair tends to be more ____ & ____ than the inferior set.


The parathyroid regulates

calcium metabolism (blood calcium homeostasis- balance)

The parathyroid is an ____ organ.


The parathyroid secretes what hormone?


Localizing the Parathyroids: Anatomical "triangle":

-Longus colli muscle
-Thyroid lobe
-Common carotid artery / internal jugular vein

Area between this anatomic triangle should be free of any ____.


Normal Measurements: length

5-7 mm

Normal Measurements: width

3-4 mm

Normal Measurements: AP

1-2 mm

Sonographic Appearance

Not normally seen by sonography

Normal Variants: ____% of the population has 5 parathyroid glands


Normal Variants: 5% have ___ parathyroid glands


Research indicates that about: ____% have ectopic parathyroid glands


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