Anatomy lab 2

21 terms by chanle1

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anterior pituitary- adrenal cortex- releases steroid hormones


hypothalamus- kidneys- re absorption of water, increase blood volume and blood pressure

Follicle stimulating

anterior pituitary- ovaries/testes- physical maturation of sperm promotes follicle development


anterior pituitary- all cells- growth/ protein synthesis


anterior pituitary- ovaries/testes- controls ovulation produces progesterone and testosterone


hypothalamus-uterus/mammary gland- labor contractions/ milk ejection


anterior pituitary- mammary glands- promotes milk and gland development


parathyroid gland- bone/ kidneys- increases calcium levels in body fluids


Thyroid gland- most cells- increase metabolism 3


Thyroid gland- most cells- increases metabolism 4


Thyroid gland- bones/kidneys- decreases calcium in body fluids


Adrenal gland- most cells- sympathetic nervous system responce

Mineralocorticoids- aldosterone

Adrenal cortex Zona glumerulosa- kidneys- an increase in renal absorption of sodium and water loss of potassium

Glucocorticoids- cortisol

Adrenal cortex Zona fasciculate- most cells- induces formation of glucose and glycogen anti-inflammatory


Kidney- angiotensinogen formation- Converts angiotensinogen to angiotensin I restricts water and sodium loss


kidneys- red bone marrow- stimulates production and maturation and RBCs


Kidneys- Intestines, kidneys, bones-stimulates calcium absorption releases calcium from bones


Pancreas beta cells- most cells- uptake of glucose


Pancreas alpha cells- liver adipose tissue- release of stored gluecose

Androgen- testosterone

testes- most cells- maturation of sperm secondary sex characteristics


ovaries- maturation of follicles secondary sex characteristics

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