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History of Sound Film 1

Vertical Integration
ownership of the means of production, distribution and exhibition by the same company
sound accompanying picture is physically recorded onto photographic film used by FOX
synchronized music, played with the film and often had problems. Warner Brothers
a kinetoscope (to show film through a small window) connected with a cylinder shaped phonograph
recorded sound directly onto film by using parallel lines lee Deforest
Non-diagetic sound
sounds that are made on films whose origin cannot be seen on screen
diagetic sounds
sounds made on films whose origin can be seen on the films screen
code seal
the seal of approval which allowed films to be made during the production code era
Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers
The dynamic duo who changed the face of musical film with their sound and dance
mark sandrich
director of many Astair\Rogers films
Famous Players\paramount
used block booking to keep those in contract working for them. got in trouble during the production code began.
adolph zucor
established famous players-laskey which then became paramount
jason joy
head of the SRC--a group of censors who followed the code
rouben mamoulian
dir: love me tonight--stage director who used sounds to make music in film
irving berlin
american songwriter-wrote for Jazz Singer and Top Hat
Van Nest Polglase
art director for Top Hat
Perry Ferguson
art director-citizen kane
Hermes Pan
choreographer for fred Astaire
Pandro Berman
Film producer for fred astaire and ginger rogers
"Big White Set"
the undecorated set fred and ginger used to dance
Harry cohn
president and production manager of columbia pictures
Carl laemmle
founder of universal studios
Darryl Zanuck
founded 20th century pictures
Frank Capra
john ford
director-grapes of wrath
"the Big Five"
paramount, MGM, RKO, warner bros, 20th century fox
"the Little Three"
united artists, universal, colombia
a widescreen movie format used in the early fifties till the sixties
The Virginian-1929
Victor Fleming--(ctxt) importance of sound--western
Top Hat-1935
Mark Sandrich--(ctxt) musical in film,
42nd street
Lloyd Bacon--musical, non-diagetic sound
Love Me Tonight
Rouben Mamolioun--diagetic sounds
his girl friday
howard hawkes--about the male\female fight in america, womens portrayal in film
Across the Universe
julie taymor- different scenes use unrealistic format and non-diagetic sound..taking famous music out of context
No country for Old Men
coen brothers--use of silence and importance of sound
What Price Hollywood
George Cukor dir.--studios taylored actors and actresses to their audiences liking
Barton Fink
coen brothers--the 'working man' film
The Grapes of Wrath
John Ford--Depression america--land loss due to dust bowl
Black Legion
william keighly--anti semitism and anti-foreign roles in film, mix of KKK and american legion
Wild boys on the road
william wellman--Depression america, parents cannot afford to keep children
Gabrielle over the white house
Gregory La Cava--FDR, about overturning government into faschism--, martial law, cancelled congress--walter wanger
Bonus Army
march of the WWI vets
Marked Woman
lloyd bacon--use of female protagonist as a prostitute turned good.
duncan tucker--character development of a woman as a man as a woman in american daily life. trials and hardships