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reza khan

ambituous army officer who overthrew the shah


nationalist movement built on the shared heritage of arabs


jewish nationalists

theodor herzel

founded modern zionist movement. qanted jewish state in palestine

balfour declaration

british attempt to win support of european jews

women's war

a full fledged revolt led by women because british policies threatened their rights

jomo kenyatta

one of many rulers that tried to stop western imperialism


settled illegally


racial segregation

african national congress

political party, protested laws but no real effect


emphasized unity of africans around the world

marcus garvey

leader of pan-africianism. wanted end to colonial rule.

W.E.B DuBois

founder of pan-africian congress


french writers expressed their cultural ties to africa

leopold senghor

poet. later president of senegal.


grouos of officials, peasants, cheistians, muslims etc. striked against british

mislim brotherhood

broad islamic nationalism hated west culture and corrupt egypy gov

mustfa kemal (ATATURK)

led turkish nationalists - overthrew sultan. means father if turks


custom allowing men to have more than one wife

balfour declaration

british issued- tried to win support of jews

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