APUSH History timeline 1930-1939

hawley smoot tariff
1930-highest tariff in country's history- 31%- 49%. In retaliation, european countries set even higher tariffs to protect their markets. reduced trade worldwide.
star spangled banner
1931- this was approved by hoover and congress to become the national anthem
reconstruction finance corporation
1932- __ ___ __ established by helping banking, business, railroads, life insurance companies. Emergency loans provided by the government to help stabilize these businesses.
Bonus March
1932- unemployed veterans marched to DC demanding the payment of bonuses promised to them at a later date (1945) congress didn't pass the Bonus BIll they wanted. Hoover orders the US army to break up their encampment. Tanks and Tear gas was used to destroy the camps.
election of 1932
franklin D. roosevelt defeats incumbent hoover
lame duck president
from november 1932- march 1933 hoover is considered to be this:
Beer and wine revenue Act
legalized the sale of beer and wine. 1933
federal unemployment relief act
set up the civilian conversation corps. 1933
20th amendment
changed calendar of congressional sessions and date of presidential inauguration. 1933.
securities and exchange commission
set up by the securities exchange act
in 1934, ___ renounces the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922
Schechter (sick chicken) case
US supreme court ruled that congress could not "delegate legislative powers" to the executive, and congressional control of interstate commerce could not properly apply to a local fowl business (Schechter brother-NY) 1935
fair labor standards act
establishes a national minimum wage, time and a half for overtime, and the prohibition of most employment for minors"