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Humanities Final Review Part Deux


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What building inspired the Villa Rotunda?
Palladio's buildings have supreme...
Ballet first appeared during...
Renaissance Italy
Most Elizabethan theaters were located...
outside of London
Non-religious music is...
Renaissance musician known for complex polyphony...
Des Prez
Leonardo's Last Supper is in...
Milan, Italy
Michelangelo's main medium was...
Renaissance art technique; blended and blurred edges...
What painting style is the Sistine Chapel Ceiling?
It is unusual that the School of Athens is in the Vatican because...
it contains no religious themes
An orchestral composition that focuses on one main instrument is called a...
Creating paintings with a dark, murky background and dramatic lighting...
Baroque visual art made sacred images seem...
Caravaggio's works are mostly found in...
If Rembrandt was Dutch, where did he live?
The two-layered perspective technique in Las Meninas makes it what two types of paintings?
Formal and Genre
This painting by Rembrandt once got so dirty people forgot what it was actually about.
Night Watch
What English Baroque building combines Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural elements?
St. Paul's Cathedral
What building is a described as having Baroque excess and Neoclassic restraint?
Palace of Versailles
What enable music to reach the average person in the Neoclassic period?
Public Performances
Classical Music is best described with what two words?
Order and Symmetry
Napoleon hired David because he could create...
powerful propaganda
Neoclassic Architecture in the U.S. was most influenced by...
balanced government
Wagner's concept of Opera being a synthesis of all the arts is embodied in what term?
A four part orchestral composition was called a...
One of the most famous Russian Ballet music composers...
This American was fired for having a nude model in a co-ed class...
Post-Impressionism is exemplified by each artist doing what?
creating their own unique style
He wrote plays challenging ideas about womens' role in society, STD's and marriage (divorce)
Henrik Ibsen
What culture's artwork influence Impressionist artist's use fo color?
What technology heavily influenced Realism?
Wagner's use of music to introduce specific characters or themes.
Three Russian innovations to Ballet during the Romantic Period...
Tutu, pointe shoes, emphasis on women
The Raft of the Medusa was really about...
Political corruption
The Death of Marat was meant to support what political movement?
French Revolution

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