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the technical term for the nail is

specialized ligaments, nail folds

the nail unit consists of several basic parts which are the nail bed, nail plate, cuticle, eponychium, hyponychium, and

nail plate

the visible portion of the nail that rests upon, and is attached to, the nail bed is called the:

1/10" per month

the average rate of growth of fingernails in normal adults is


the living skin at the base of the nail plate covering the matrix area is called the

nail folds

the folds of normal skin that surround the nail plate are the

nail bed

the blood vessels that provide nourishment for growth of the nail are found in the

free edge

the end portion of the nail plate that reaches over the fingertip is called the


the nail body or nail plate extends from the ________ to the free edge


the extension of the cuticle at the base of the nail body which partly overlaps the lunula is called the

4 to 6

if a nail is lost through injury, it will replace only as long as the matrix remains healthy. Replacement normally takes about ______ months.

bed epithelium

the thin layer of tissue that attaches the nail bed to the nail plate is the


the nail plate is constructed of how many layers of nail cells?

15% to 25%

the water content of the nail is between:


the water content of a nail directly affects the nail's

the middle finger

which nail grows the fastest?

the thumb

which nail grows the slowest?

8 to 12 months

if a toenail is lost through injury, how long will it take for replacement?


the dead tissue that tightly adheres to the natural nail plate is the


the tough bank of fibrous tissue that connects bones or holds an organ in place are:

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