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The word order in a language is its


thinking involves mentally grouping similar objects, events, and ideas into


which are objects or acts that stand for something else, enable us to think about things that are not present.


Using this heuristic, people make decisions based on certain ideas or standards they believe in.


describe specific procedures needed to solve a problem.


This type of search tries and tests each possible solution to a problem according to a certain set of rules.


reasoning starts from particular facts to reach a general conclusion


heuristic helps people make decisions using the basic information available to them in their immediate consciousness.


reasoning, if the basic statements leading to the conclusion are true, then they conclusion is also true


words can influence decision-making because of their

framing effect

someone trying to solve a problem using this breaks a problem down into parts and tries to solve each part individually.

means- end analysis

a basic fact that gives information for drawing conclusions is called a


people often solve problems by trying the same solution that worked for a similar problem. This is known as solving problems by


a language's _______ is the way in which words are arranged to make phrases or sentences.


is the study of meaning


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