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Improve coordination and communication between Fed, State and local governments
Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act
Federal Funding Accountability & Transparency Act
To end wasteful spending & hold government accountable for spending decisions. Prime repts subs > $25,000, @USA Spending.gov, Report by end of month of award
Federal Domestic Partnership
Refining the government & IHE research partnership, funded to increase research productivity & streamline the administrative process, minimize administrative burden on PI while maintaining Federal stewardship of funds.
Code of Federal Regulations
Codification of general & permanent rules published in the Federal Register. Provides information on Patent rights & responsibilities current applicable to IHE & Fed funded projects
Code of Federal Regulations, published 1 x per year, issued quarterly
Federal Domestic Partnership, Forum for agencies/sponsor & regulations for research
Federal Register
published every day, informs citizens of rights & obligations & provides wide range of Federal benefits and opportunities for funding.
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Council on Government Regulations
Council on Government Regulations -
Association of Universities & independent research institutions who are the natural authorities on financial & regulatory infrastructure on compliance requirements associated with managing federal research grants & contracts. Advocate for policies & practices that fairly reflect mutual interests & separate obligations of Fed agencies & research institutions.
website for Federal Business Opportunites contract > $25K,