Professional Education


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anecdotal record
Informal evaluation. Teacher records observations of student performance and over time they see patterns of growth.
A component of fluency that requires students to convert letters into words.
Dual Language Programs
A learning environment in which students who are learning English are placed together with students who are fluent in English, and ELLs receive specialized English instruction.
Individualized Education Program
A written document that is developed through a team effort for each public school child who is eligible for special education and reviewed at least once a year.
Norm Group
A random group of students selected by a test developer to take a test to provide a range of scores and establish the percentiles of performance for use in establishing scoring standards.
A systematic and organized collection of a student's work that exhibits to others the direct evidence of a student's efforts, achievements, and progress over a period of time.
Reading with a natural rhythm and pace.
Professional Learning Communities
A group of educators who act as reflective practitioners, analyzing student data in order to improve instruction methods.
The practice of providing sufficient assistance to a student in order to facilitate learning.
The degree to which a test measures the desired performance and appropriate inferences can be drawn from the results; judgment that the assessment accurately reflects the learning it was designed to measure.