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  1. Marks: 1

    Boys are much more likely than girls to be behaviorally disruptive in the classroom. This phenomenon may be explained by which of the following trends noted in your textbook?
  2. Gisela is having her first baby and has received a drug that will numb the entire lower area of her body during labor. Gisela has been given a(n):
  3. Which of the following is the period of development that occurs 2 to 8 weeks after conception?
  4. What are the long-term effects of being maltreated as a child?
  5. At what age does seperation protest peak?
  1. a 13-15 months
  2. b embryonic
  3. c boys usually show less self-regulation
  4. d depression, deliquincy, and substance abuse
  5. e Epideral block

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  1. Children of working mothers engage in less gender stereotyping.
  2. o -Dyslexia
  3. Pregnant women should consume no caffeine or consume it sparingly
  4. mental imagery
  5. Emphasize delaying gratification

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  1. Jean Piaget claimed that children between the ages of 2 and 7 years are in a stage called preoperational thought, so named because he believed that:demonstrating morality


  2. Which of the following is most fatiguing to an elementary school child?Correlation does not equal causation


  3. • What is the best way to determine the relative influence of genetics in the development of a person's intelligence?examining identical and fraternal twins


  4. Which mind-set considers the possibility that qualities can change and improve with effort over time?Lack of conservation is reflected in centration


  5. • Research reported by Baumeister and others in 2003 shows that individuals with high self-esteem:can be prosocial or antisocial


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