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  1. • Females are often perceived as more emotionally expressive than males. This could be because females:
  2. About ________ of parents who abuse their children were abused as children themselves.
  3. Which researcher is responsible for identifying the trend that intelligence scores are slowly increasing worldwide over time?
  4. In the United States, parents tend to prefer children with a(n) _______________temperament, whereas in China, a(n) ___________temperament is more highly valued.
  5. • What is the best explanation for why minorities earn lower scores on IQ tests?
  1. a o -environment
  2. b James Flynn
  3. c one-third
  4. d active; inhibited
  5. e have more metabolic activity in the brain regions involved in emotional expression.

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  1. . it advances the child's cognitive development
  2. reducing poverty and improving nutrition, sanitation, education, and heath services
  3. salient; relavent
  4. expulsion of placenta and umbilical cord
  5. higher levels of moral internalization

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  1. When her mother asks Selena why she feels so sad, Selena says it is because her best friend just lost her puppy. Selena is exhibiting:. Erik Erikson saw that development occurred throughout the life span.


  2. • At which stage of Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development does a person understand that values and laws are relative, and that standards may vary from one person to another?mutual interpersonal expectations, relationships, and interpersonal conformity


  3. Research reported by Baumeister and others in 2003 shows that individuals with high self-esteem:the high control of "authortatian" Asian parents is best conceptualized as "training" and is distinct from the domineering control that is generally associated with authoritarian style of parenting


  4. Development in the young-old is characterized by considerable _________, but development in the oldest-old is characterized by __________twice as much body fat as men


  5. Which of the following is most fatiguing to an elementary school child?depression, delinquency, and substance abuse