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  1. ) Sheila is pregnant and has a family history of spina bifida. Which test would be used to determine whether her fetus has this defect?
  2. Under which of these circumstances should a mother not breast-feed? AIDS, active tuberculosis, drugs
  3. Despite the fact that the material being covered in the current chapter of Michael's math class is quite difficult, he is very confident that he will be able to master the concepts if he works hard. Michael is demonstrating a high level of
  4. Tatsuya would like his daughter to grow up and develop to her full potential. He can do his part by
  5. Which of the following occurs FIRST in development
  1. a providing a stimulating home environment
  2. b - All of the above are reasons for a mother to avoid breatfeeding
  3. c - maternal blood screening
  4. d self-efficacy
  5. e reflexive smiling

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  1. girls engage in more prosocial behavior
  2. the cerebral cortex
  3. all of these
  4. 90
  5. mental imagery

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  1. By a child's second birthday, his or her brain is approximately ___________of the weight of an adult's braincarrying signals away from the cell body; carrying signals to the cell body


  2. A nerve cell in the brain is also called aneuron


  3. "Want some ice cream," "fall down." and "mommy give drink" are all example ofA close bond between and infants and a caregiver


  4. • Which of the following is an example of improving a child's self-esteem through achievement?o -straightforwardly teaching a child a new skill


  5. Which of the following disorders is LEAST likely to happen to a mother 16 - 34 years oldDown Syndrome