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  1. Schemes are
  2. One research study found that ____ minutes of moderate and ____ minutes of vigorous physical activity per day can significantly help reduce the risk of a child becoming overweight.
  3. Life expectancy refers to:
  4. What types of behaviors in caregivers create a sense of shame and doubt in children
  5. Which of the following is not one of the main precepts of a child-centered kindergarten
  1. a actions or mental representations that organize knowledge
  2. b the average number of years a person can expect to live.
  3. c overprotectiveness and criticism
  4. d the implementation of monitored structure is crucial for development of self-regulation
  5. e 45; 15

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  1. a divorce may improve children's lives under some circumstances
  2. higher levels of moral internalization
  3. an inderect influence of the marital relationship on the child
  4. students in grades 2 through 11 had no significant differences in math scores
  5. A majority of child care in the first three years of life is of unacceptably low quality, but infants from low-income families have lower-quality child care than infants from high-income families.

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  1. Approximately what percentage of an infant's sleep is REM sleep50%


  2. __________ consist of deliberate mental activities to improve the processing of information.Strategies


  3. The difference between a control group and an experimental group is that the:language


  4. A nerve cell in the brain is also called a13-15 months


  5. An infant's color vision approximates that of an adult when she/he is2 months old