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  1. • Howard Gardner has developed _______ types of intelligence.
  2. Which researcher is responsible for identifying the trend that intelligence scores are slowly increasing worldwide over time?
  3. The social role theory of gender differences suggests that:
  4. About ________ of parents who abuse their children were abused as children themselves.
  5. Dr. Dzindolet would like to know whether children born prematurely can tell the fifference between a face and a spiral. What method would best suit this experiment
  1. a James Flynn
  2. b 1/3
  3. c 8
  4. d visual preference method
  5. e . gender differences result from the contrasting roles of women and men in most cultures

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  1. insecure resistant.
  2. higher levels of moral internalization
  3. No. There are too many different variations in test-takers' cultures to address them all
  4. decreases
  5. reflexive smiling

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  1. • What is the second most common cause of death for the child in middle childhood?examining identical and fraternal twins


  2. The structure of Miss Darby's elementary classroom in New York City is based on the sociocultural cognitive theory of Lev Vygotsky. Her classroom would likely be characterized by all but which of the following?insecure resistant


  3. Knowing about knowing is referred to as:metacognition


  4. River has a round face, a flattened skull, an extra fold of skin over her eyelids, a thickened tongue, short limbs and retardation of motor and mental abilities. She is likely to have been born with"I am nice, and I have a friend named Julie."


  5. The Strange Situation is an observational measure of infant attachment developed by Mary Ainsworth. It requires the infant to:the child's temperament and genetic characteristics