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  1. For Jean Piaget, failing a conservation task indicates that the child is
  2. Adjusting to new environmental demands is called
  3. According to Erik Erickson, which of the following is TRUE concerning children and autunomy?
  4. Development in the young-old is characterized by considerable _________, but development in the oldest-old is characterized by __________
  5. Mary's parents fight quite often over money. In an attempt to stop the fighting and to save the family money, Mary has decided that she will not ask for anything for her birthday or any holiday. Mary's actions are being expressed in which of the Bronfenbrenner's system?
  1. a Children feel excessive shame and doubt if consistently overprotected or critisized
  2. b microsystem
  3. c adaptability; frailty
  4. d demonstrating morality
  5. e adaptation

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  1. a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
  2. are irrelevant for the total amount
  3. emotional-dismissing parent
  4. . reasoning with the child.
    b. explaining the consequences of the child's actions for others.
    c. removing the child from a setting that offers positive reinforcement.
    d. all of these
  5. 30

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  1. Maybe you've hear the song that goes, "Here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls!" The song goes on to sing, "It's the story of a man named Brady who was living with three boys of his own." The fact that the Brady Bunch was about two single parents, each with their own children, who got married created a _________ family.blended


  2. • Amber is given a Stanford-Binet intelligence test. Her mental age is determined to be 12.8 and her chronological age is 11.0. Which of the following can be said about Amber?concrete operations


  3. In which stage of Lawrence Kohlberg's scheme of moral development is a person most likely to imitate the moral standards of others?social smiling


  4. Marella and ricardo have recently had a very serious fight. THey pushed and smacked each other, and both ended up with bruises and black eyes. Theier young son, Juan, winessed the entire event. WHich of the following forms of child maltreatment would best describe this situation?neuron


  5. • Despite the fact that the material being covered in the current chapter of Michael's math class is quite difficult, he is very confident that he will be able to master the concepts if he works hard. Michael is demonstrating a high level ofo -neglected


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