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  1. • Researchers have found that increased aerobic activity is associated with increases in which important cognitive activity in children?
  2. Dr. Widaman is researching the cultural differences in school performances between Japanese and American children. He is comparing math scores between two groups of fifth graders. One of his groups is from Japan and the other group is from the United States. Dr Widaman is conductiong a ____________study?
  3. When teachers adjust their level of support and guidance tot he level of skill of the student, it is called:
  4. Children cannot conserve because they coannot yet
  5. What is the correct sequence of language development
  1. a o -planning
  2. b scaffolding
  3. c crying, cooing. babbling, gestures
  4. d cross-cultural
  5. e reverse

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  1. more muscle; more fat
  2. preconventional reasoning
  3. -. Cultural
  4. well develop a sence of shame and doubt if this type of interaction occurs constitently
  5. attention; centration

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  1. Which of the following is NOT one of the stated goals of a developmentally appropriate practise?attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


  2. Which of the following methods is the best method to determine cause and effect?experimental method


  3. All of the following are effective ways to improve relationships among ethnically diverse students, EXCEPT:A close bond between and infants and a caregiver


  4. An infant's color vision approximates that of an adult when she/he ispretense/symbolic play


  5. Is it possible to develop an intelligence test that is truly culturally fair?No. There are too many different variations in test-takers' cultures to address them all