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  1. Alicia is enrolled in a kindergarten where she spends much of her time in unstructured activity. She plays with different toys she chooses, and her teacher facilitates rather than teaches. What approach is Alicia's kindergarten using?
  2. About ________ of parents who abuse their children were abused as children themselves.
  3. Suzanne believes that helping children develop their independece while still placing appropriate boundries and limits on their actions is the most important function of parenting. Suzanne is a(n):
  4. In talking with Grandma on the phone, little Marcelo suddenly exclaims, "Oh, look at that pretty red bird!" WHen his grandmother asks him to describe the bird, Marcelo says,"Out there, out there! RIght there, Grandma!" He finally gets frustrated and hangs up. This is an example of:
  1. a Montessori
  2. b 1/3
  3. c authoritative parent
  4. d egocentrism

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  1. a classmate
  2. self-efficacy
  3. Canada
  4. She assigns much individual independent seatwork
  5. insecure resisitant

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  1. Gisela is having her first baby and has received a drug that will numb the entire lower area of her body during labor. Gisela has been given a(n):Epideral block


  2. Using props, plots, and roles in play is characteristic ofpretense/symbolic play


  3. Which of the following is the period of development that occurs 2 to 8 weeks after conception?reflexive smiling


  4. Research linking corporal punishment and child behavior hasbeen associated with all of the following, EXCEPT:adaptation


  5. Myelination occurs in the brain whenTHe units of meaning involved in word formation