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  1. Dr. Widaman is researching the cultural differences in school performances between Japanese and American children. He is comparing math scores between two groups of fifth graders. One of his groups is from Japan and the other group is from the United States. Dr Widaman is conductiong a ____________study?
  2. • Eight-year-old Joshua is obese. His excess weight puts him at risk for all of the following, EXCEPT:
  3. When asked why she participated with other students in a protest against treatment of women on her campus, Kai says that all humans have the fundamental right to be treated fairly, and that she is morally against the continuing discrimination against women. What is Kai's likely moral level according to Lawrence Kohlberg?
  4. In which stage of Lawrence Kohlberg's scheme of moral development is a person most likely to imitate the moral standards of others?
  5. • What is the second most common cause of death for the child in middle childhood?
  1. a cross-cultural
  2. b mutual interpersonal expectations, relationships, and interpersonal conformity
  3. c cancer
  4. d postconventional
  5. e anemia.

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  1. being the subject of sexual comments or gestures
  2. twice as much body fat as men
  3. Pregnant women should consume no caffeine or consume it sparingly
  4. goodness of fit
  5. insecure avoidant

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  1. • Research on the effects and consequences of bilingualism has shown that:insecure avoidant infant and rejecting parenting


  2. Suzanne believes that helping children develop their independence while still placing appropriate boundaries and limits on their actions is the most important function of parenting. Suzanne is probably a(n):authoritative parent


  3. • __________ consist of deliberate mental activities to improve the processing of information.o more people of moderate intelligence than of high or low intelligence


  4. The longitudinal method of research consists of:nerve cells become insulated with a layer of fat.


  5. The structure of Miss Darby's elementary classroom in New York City is based on the sociocultural cognitive theory of Lev Vygotsky. Her classroom would likely be characterized by all but which of the following?She assigns much individual independent seatwork