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  1. In the Strange Situation, Latoya basically ignored her mother, was not upset when she left the room, and did not seek-her out when shereturned. Mary Ainsworth would most likely classify Latoya as
  2. • Which researcher is responsible for identifying the trend that intelligence scores are slowly increasing worldwide over time?
  3. Tiesha's behavior is controlled by external rewards and punishments reflecting which level of Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development?
  4. Which of the following in NOT and exampe of locomotive actively
  5. Daniel and Guadalupe are angry with one another because of differences in their spending habits. Guadalupe snaps ar their daughter and sends her to her room even though the little girl is not misbehaving. According to Jay Belsky's description of family interactions, this situation is an example of
  1. a A close bond between and infants and a caregiver
  2. b preconventional reasoning
  3. c -James Flynn
  4. d an inderect influence of the marital relationship on the child
  5. e insecure avoidant

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  1. o -In some cultures, high levels of moral reasoning derive from different values than those that form the basis of Lawrence Kohlberg's claims.
  2. emotional support and social approval
  3. The AIDS virus can be passed to the baby through the mother's milk
  4. egocentrism
  5. Boys are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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  1. • Research has found that between 70 and 80% of victims of bullying are victimized by:a classmate


  2. _______ is characterized by severe impairments in reading and spelling ability.Dyslexia


  3. Melissa is 2 weeks old. She sleeps about 16 hours a day. SHegood at modeling prosocial behaviors for children


  4. According to behaviorists, what is the only correct entity that should be included in scientific research?observable actions


  5. All of the following have been found to be advantages for the participants of the Perry Preschool program, except:It exceeds the child's spoken vocabulary