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Dental Materials Ch 13, Polymers for Prosethic Dentistry

Lecture #9
acrylic resins
a synthetic polymer used in prosthetic dentistry ; derived from acrylic acid
polymerization shrinkage
occurs during the curing process; seen more in chemically cured acrylics versus heat cured ones
water sorption and thermal expansion
dimensional change - changes shape due to what?
acrylic has ___ strength and wear resistance
porosity - presence of microscopic voids
results from loss of monomer or inadequate pressure during processing
long term soft liners, short term soft liners, hard lining materials
Three types of denture liners
long term soft liners
placed in commercial lab; silicone rubber or acrylic made pliable by addition of plasticizer such as an aromataic ester or alcohol
long term soft liners
for patients who have problems with hard acrylic denture bases
1-3 years
how long do long term soft liners last?
long term soft liners
supports growth of candida albicans
short term soft liners
tissue containers placed chair-side to improve tissue health
a few days to a few weeks
how long do short term soft liners last?
short term soft liners
powder and liquid or cartridge with self mixing tip
hard lining materials
acrylic resin used to line an original denture base when denture has become loose over time due to alveolar ridge resportion
hard lining materials
chair-side (chemically-cured form) or commercial lab (heat-cured form)
chemically-cured form
chair side
heat-cured form
commercial lab
plastic teeth material
strong, does not wear opposing natural or artificial teeth and restorations
plastic teeth material
easy to adjust occlusion and polish
plastic teeth material
softer and wear more readily
porcelain teeth material
brittle, hard, wear resistant
porcelain teeth material
must be retained via pins and retention holes
porcelain teeth material
difficult to polish and adjust occlusion
porcelain teeth material
very abrasive against natural teeth and restorations
shade, shape, arrangement (idea, overlapping, diastemas, etc)
What must be taken into consideration with denture teeth?
soft lined dentures
storing in mouthwash containing alcohol is contraindicated for this material