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Information Technology

Domain IV
The number that has been proposed for use as a unique patient identification number but is controversial because of confidentiality and privacy concerns is the:
Social security number
The health record number is important because it uniquely identifies not only the patient, but also the patient's record.
HIM professionals have been working with a multidisciplinary committee to identify the best solution that will allow hospital physicians coordinated access to all forms or incoming and outgoing messages including voice, fax, e-mail, and video mail. Currently, physician have to log in to various systems, using different IDs and passwords to retrieve all their messages, reducing in to various systems, using different IDs and passwords to retrieve all their messages, reducing effectives and efficiency.
Unified messaging is the ability for an individual to receive and/or retrieve various forms of messaging at a single access point, including voice, e-mail, fax, and video mail
The chief information officer is a senior-level executive who is responsible for:
The chief information officer (CIO) is a senior level executive. He or she is responsible for leading the strategic IS planning process, for assisting the leadership team to use IS in support of strategic planning and management, and for overseeing the organization's IRM functions. These management engineering, and HIM department.
Which of the following is not a true statement about a hybrid health record system?
As the electronic system develops, different versions of documents may exist and these also must be monitored and logged for both legal and practice purposes. Additionally, the AHIMA e-HIM task force describes in detail changes in health information processes and procedures that are required as a record transition from paper to hybrid to fully electronic formats
Which of the following would be the best course of action to take to ensure continuous availability of electronic data?
Data must be available continuously. When paper as a backup no longer exists in a paperless EHR environment, users must be assured that the computer system is available to them at all times.
Which of the following technologies would allow a hospital to get as much medical record information online as quickly as possible.
In an attempt to get as much medical record information online as possible, many hospitals turned to document imaging and COLD (Computer Output to laser disk) systems. Document imaging systems involve scanning documents created on paper and making their images available on a computer monitor.
Which of the following technologies would be best for a hospital to sue a manage data from its laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology information system?
clinical data repository
Which of the following is necessary to ensure that each term used in an EHR has a common meaning to all user?
Controlled vocabulary
Why does an ideal EHR system require point-of-care charting?
Ensures that appropriate data are collected
Which of the following is a transition strategy to achieve an EHR?
To ensure that a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system supports patients safety, what other system must also be in place?
Pharmacy information system
Which of the following is the unique in the relational database table?
As part of the EHR system selection, due diligence should be done:
Which of the following tasks is not performed in an electronic health record system?
A step-by-step approach to installing, testing, training, and gaining adoption for an EHR is referred:
Implementation Plan
Which of the following is an application that uses standard order sets and other clinical decision support that supports physician order entry into the computer?
Electronic systems used by nurses and physicians to document assessment and finding are called
Electronic point of care charting
A key element in effective systems implementation is
It is critical to provide adequate training for the end users of a new information system. For any new system to be successful, it must be accepted and used by the staff. When the staff is not thorought trained, the result may be low morale and dissatisfaction with the system.
The director of health information services is allowed access to the medical record tracking system when providing the proper log-in and password. Under what access security mechanism is the director allowed access to the system?
User based
User-based access is a security mechanism used to grant users of a system access based on the identity of the user.
A special web page that offers secure access to data is
When some computers are used primarily to enter data and others to process data the architecture.
When some computers are used primarily to enter data and others to process data the architecture is called:
The ability to electronically send data from one electronic system to a different electronic system and still retain its meaning is called:
To effectively transmit healthcare data between a provider and payer, both parties must adhere to which electronic data interchange standards
Who are the primary users of the health record for delivery of healthcare services?
Clinical professionals who provide direct patient care
The vision of the EHR is that discrete data would be entered by providers into an EHR via:
The key for linking data about an individual who is seen in a variety of care setting is:
Which statement is true concerning CDR and EHR
The primary user of computerized provider order entry is:
One of the advantages of an EDMS is that it can:
Which of the following computer architectures uses a single large computer to process data received from terminals into which data are entered?