62 terms

La France sous l'occupation

le sabotage
la défaite
la débacle
la capitulation
admiting defeat
le régime
the regime
un réfractaire
a person refusing to submit to something
un réseau
a network
the commitment
the occupant
la guerre éclair
la ligne Maginot
the line on which the French had built their defence in expectation of the German attack
le mur de l'atlantique
the bunkers that the Germans built all along the atlantic coast to prevent landings and attsacks from sea
la déclaration de guerre
war declaration
un maquis
a hiding place for rebels
le renseignement
providing information to resisting groups
une insurrection
an insurrection
la propagande
la luttle
the fight
la trahison
un traître
a traitor
le CNR
National Resistance Council (all groups unified across France)
les MUR
United Movements of resistance (only in the south)
le STO
Men are sent to work for the Germans (became compulsory in 1943)
un discours / un appel
a speech / a call
les plein pouvoirs
full ruling powers
le Régime de Vichy
the regime put in place by the Marechal Petain when he came into power after the armistice
la révolution nationale
the new ideas and policies that accompanied the regime de Vichy
la devise
the motto
la patrie
the nation / motherland
le statut des juifs
the laws defining what would happen to Jewish people in France during the occupation and the Vichy state
la censure
la zone libre / la zone occupée
the free zone / the occupied zone
les représailles
la milice
the special police put in place by Petain in the context of collaboration
un collaborateur
a collaborator
un attentiste /l'attentisme
a person lying low and waiting to take a side
envahir / l'invasion
to invade / the invasion
la ligne de démarcation
the line separating occupied France (north) and the free zone of the Regime de Vichy (south)
l'état Français
the name of the new state of Vichy
le culte de la personnalité
the overwhelming presence of Petain on all objects and in all fields of French's people daily life
l'entrevue de Montoire
the handshake between Petain and Hitler
le rationnement
rationning of goods
la pénurie
the lack of resources
le marché noir
the black market
le don de main d'oeuvre
the fact of giving some of the country's workforce to the occupant
une rafle
a round-up / an arrest
une taxe d'occupation
the tax taken by the occupying army (like a fine)
les réquisitions
when houses and goods were taken to provide for the occupying army
les cartes de pain
bread tickets
un ersatz
a replacement product
les bombardements
le couvre-feu
the curfew
Oradour sur Glane
the martyr village which was entirelly destroyed by the Nazis in reprisals
La presse clandestine
illegal newspapers written despite the censorship put in place by Vichy
la menace
the threat
les Forces Françaises Libres
The army gathered by DeGaulle in England
le débarquement de Normandie
the D-Day landing
la libération de Paris
the liberation of Paris
the organisation that France would have been placed under if De Gaulle hadn't taken power after the liberation
un vainqueur
a winner